Best of CES 2022: Cars and concept designs from BMW, Mercedes, Sony, Cadillac, and more

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is usually not known for auto announcements but this year we saw a number of concept cars showcased on this global stage. Technological advancements are gradually leading way for modern cars to become moving computers. 

Following the trend, we have witnessed some really cool and exciting technologies in the CES 2022 event even from tech giants who are known for automotives.

Let’s have a look at the coolest automobility tech announcements from CES 2022.

BMW iX Flow

BMW has set forth two new premium cars called iX M60 and iX Flow with impressive features like a Hollywood sci-fi movie. The iX M60 is a 610 horsepower powerful electric car while iX Flow is the talk of the town as it can change its colour with a snap of fingers.

The BMW iX Flow is a concept car featuring e-ink colour-changing paint technology that works by using currents to move electrically charged microcapsules of pigment all around the car exterior. As of now, The iX Flow will change to black, white, and different other shades in between the two. The commercial version could bring more colours sooner or later.

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Sony Mobility Inc

Since Sony has previously shown us its first Vision S electric car sedan concept but it had then not revealed its intention to launch commercially. At CES 2022, the Japanese electronics giant has announced to incorporate its EV unit as Sony Mobility Inc to bring sustainable electric cars to the market. 

Also, Sony showcased its Vision S 02 electric SUV based on the same platform as its sedan 2020 version but with few upgrades. The 7 seater SUV comes with advanced 5G connectivity, several CMOS and LiDAR sensors, 3D spatial audio technology, and an infotainment system able to be integrated with PlayStation and Bravia IPs.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

The Vision EQXX is the latest beast from Mercedes-Benz that offers the maximum range ever for an electric car. A fully charged Vision EQXX can take you to more than 1,000 km (around 650 miles) of distance. The claimed range is much higher than the Tesla Model S which is currently the leader with a mileage of 400 miles. 

However, the EQXX is yet not intended for production but the company don’t back out from saying it as an “efficiency masterpiece” with a “completely realistic range.” Nevertheless, the battery management system can bring massive upgrades to future electric vehicles.

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Cadillac InnerSpace

The Cadillac InnerSpace concept is an electric car that seems to be borrowed from James Cameron’s movie Avatar as it doesn’t have a steering wheel. The InnerSpace looks like a sedan with two seats and a big panoramic LED screen in place of the steering wheels and dashboard. The car is surely not to be expected to hit roads in a near future.

Cadillac InnerSpace has been designed to be fully self-driving with the luxury form factor. The car is said to be built on wireless battery management architecture such that batteries are implemented in distributed fashion around the platform. The roof and the two doors open in joint conjunction for easy operation.

Chrysler Airflow

At CES 2022, the American automobile maker unveiled its new Chrysler Airflow concept car. The Airflow is the first electric car through which the company could enter into electric mobility later in 2025.  The car boasts dual shaft-mounted engines generating 200HP each and is claimed to take you on a ride for 350 to 400 miles after one complete charge.

The Airflow support Level 3 autonomy standard when it comes to self-driving which means a driver is required to be present even if the car is on auto-mode. Further, the manufacturer hasn’t divulged much into the spec details.

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Chevrolet Silverado EV

The Chevy Silverado EV is different from other cars on the list as it is a completely functional electric truck and will retail from $40,000. The Silverado comes with a massive 664 horsepower engine to deliver a range of 400 miles, supports fast charging, and has a tow load capacity of up to 10,000 pounds. It will compete in the global market with the likes of Ford, Tesla, GMC, and Rivian. 

Sachin Deo VermaSachin Deo Verma
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