One of the major announcements that have come from CES 2022 thus far is the formation of Sony Mobility Inc. That’s right the Japanese conglomerate has announced its entry into electric mobility Space. The company even showcased its Vision-S concept electric SUV.

Sony’s Chairman, President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida also confirms to incorporate its new division as ‘Sony Mobility Inc’ prior to bringing the commercial models in the market. He emphasized the efforts of the company to officially launch EVs in near future saying, “We are exploring a commercial launch of Sony’s EV”.

Sony Vision-S SUV prototype details

The newly showcased Vision-S electric SUV concept 7-seater car is said to be equipped with advanced AI, sensors, robotics, display, gaming, and entertainment technologies. To prove its point, Sony releases a short concept movie showing the Vision-S SUV remote driving from Japan to Germany while connected over 5G network. 

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Sony has utilized 40 CMOS sensors and LiDAR sensors with high sensitivity, resolution, and a wide dynamic range. The Japanese conglomerate has used its in-house advanced camera system for a balanced 3D spatial awareness.

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For an advanced infotainment system, the Vision-S electric SUV offers 5G connectivity, 3D spatial audio technology, and can be integrated with PlayStation and Bravia IPs.

Mr Yoshida said on the CES stage, “In terms of adaptability, we have connectivity that enables us to build a vehicle that continuously evolves. It also makes it possible to personalize the cabin for each user. With 5G, it enables high speed, high capacity, and low latency connectivity between the in-vehicle system and the cloud. The Vision-S also evolves mobility as an entertainment space.”


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