To combat the COVID-19 crisis in India, central government has launched a mobile app to help citizens be aware of their surroundings. This app will let users know if they have been close to any person affected by COVID-19.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT has created the app and named it as Corona Kavach. The app is currently in the beta testing phase for both Android and iOS smartphones. A select group of Android users have access to the app from Google Play store while to get the download, iOS users have to share their device IDs with the National Informatics Centre.

The functionality of the app is dependent on the Bluetooth and location of a device. The app will track down if a person has come closer to any known person infected with COVID-19. Probably, by matching the location with the database of patient records from official statistics. The travel history of a person may also be taken into account for an improved result. The app will not reveal the name and identity of the corona+ patient, though. The app will notify users as soon as they enter an area with a high number of coronavirus cases.

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The Corona Kavach app Features Include:

  1. Monitoring the spread of coronavirus through the user’s location,
  2. Alerting the users when they come closer to an infected person, and
  3. Sending notifications if a user is in close contact with COVID-19

It is also expected that the government will use this platform in spreading awareness regarding the coronavirus pandemic with basic do’s and don’ts and even help track patients who have been quarantined.

Earlier, the Indian Government announced a 21-days complete lockdown of the country to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The state governments are working tirelessly to help citizens access daily essentials like groceries and medicines during the lockdown.


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