Samsung’s One UI is one of the most feature-rich software on Android. If you want any feature, you better look for it in the settings before rushing to a third-party app. And that’s the thing you see, you don’t have to install apps from unknown or data-hungry developers. Your privacy is thus safe and sound within the One UI walls. Speaking of privacy, the brand has introed a new feature called AltZLife.

First of all, let’s dissect the meaning of that name. In the words of Mr. Manu Sharma, Sr. Dir. Samsung India Mobile Business, this new feature is made to eliminate privacy-related anxiety faced by “consumers, especially Gen Z”. Moreover, the mechanism (which you’ll learn soon) is inspired by the Alt+Tab keys combo found on Windows PCs. And likewise, here too you use key taps to quickly switch between the Secure Folder contents and the general phone interface.

For the unversed, Secure Folder is an isolated space within your Samsung phones (running on Android 7 and above) where you can store or secretly hide away files and apps. They will be easily available post a biometric authentication.

According to Samsung’s research, 79% of Gen Z consumers admit to having content such as images, applications, and private chats on their smartphones that they do not want family or others to see. In addition to this, they also want to hide the fact that they have things they do not want to share.

And that’s where Secure Folder and the new AltZLife come into play.

AltZLife currently works within Galaxy A71 and A51, with more phones set to get the feature soon.

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How to enable AltZLife

• Update the phone (check for software updates within the settings).

• Post the update and reboot, go to the Secure Folder (inside Biometrics and Security settings). You may have to log in with the Samsung account if it isn’t already.

• Inside the Secure Folder settings, you’ll find the Quick Switch option.

• Set the Side Key settings to toggle Secure Folder with Double Tap of the power button.
• Next up, you may choose the apps and files of which you want a secure or separate instance.
• Voila, that’s basically it. You can now double press the power button to see the Secure Folder contents. And repeat the same action when you want to get out.

It’s all so seamless that you won’t feel like you are switching between or using a different app instance. For example, this way you can easily move between the normal Gallery and a private Gallery; or from a normal WhatsApp to private WhatsApp.

Also, don’t worry. Only you can access Secure Folder as it will seek your fingerprint/password/pin/pattern to authenticate. Going back to normal mode doesn’t need any kind of verification.

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Samsung is using on-device AI to do all the processing and Content Suggestions. Now, what that is you may ask. Well, you tag specific faces or type of image which alludes the AI to auto-suggest related pictures, videos, and stuff. Moreover, since its using onboard intelligence and computing, no data leaves the phone. Phew…


How to hide and access files using Secure Folder

1. Enable Secure Folder from the phone’s quick settings panel or main settings menu. Then, open the Secure Folder from the app drawer.

2. Now add apps or files by selecting them and tapping on Move to Secure Folder.

3. As you may have noticed, you can change the name and icon of the Secure Folder app to make it even more surreptitious.

4. Finally, you can fine-tune several settings to your liking.

So, the AltZLife enhances the privacy elements of its preexisting Secure Folder feature. What do you think about it? Do you find it useful? Let us know down in the comments.


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