Update (2/22, 4:45p.m.): For Samsung India’s part, they have denied plans to sell the Note 7 refurbished in India.

Here’s the statement straight from a Samsung India company rep: “The report on Samsung planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphone[s] in India is incorrect.”

The company is yet to speak out as to whether or not the phone will be sold in other markets. Truth be told, it wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung does not toy with the idea of a revamp and let the Note 7 rest safely in its coffin, but we’ll update this post again if and whenever we get to know more in this regard.

Yes, you heard it right!

Aiming to hit the right chord with its dedicated South Asian market, Samsung is all set to introduce its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in the market once again according to a Korean website called Hankyung.

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Reiterating, the said device managed to garner bad press for the company and was panned by and all after some of the phones caught fire, thus initiating a total recall procedure and causing one of the worst debacles in the technological industry.

Samsung immediately launched a probe and pointed towards faulty batteries or rather their faulty shape as the sole cause of the accidents.


Now, the company has decided to do away with the 3,500mAh battery that previously featured in the phone and replace it with either a 3,200mAh or a 3,000mAh one.

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Another noticeable change will be in the Note 7’s chassis, which, if it takes place at all, will mean that it may not support a dual-curved screen.

The phone is expected to tag along the ‘refurbished’ tag and could very come at a much cheaper price than its original price tag.


Not only would the change reduce profit damages but will allow Samsung to save a hell lot more money that it would’ve lost and now can easily avoid.

For those new to this information, the company stood the risk of invoking a hefty fine from the Korean govt, which was about to levy it in case Samsung did not dispose of the remaining Note 7 handsets properly.

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The company intends to finish the revamp process by May and start reselling as early as June this year but due to changes on the exterior, the Galaxy Note 7 would not look exactly like it did when it came out before.


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