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LG has passed a yet to be announced smartphone, right now identified only by its model number through FCC, indicating that it may be anounced anytime soon.

The smartphone is being called the X230DS and is not shown at all, except for its back panel which has given rise to many theories and rumors as to what the phone will offer.

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The back panel indicates that the device will sport a removable battery (a rather uncommon phenomenon these days), with the FCC logo featured beneath it.

The battery will come separately, meaning that the users would first see the FCC logo as they are plugging it in.LG_X230DS-fcc

Although the details of the phone are still unknown, the FCC filing does give some insight to it, in some way or the other.

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For starters, the ‘DS’ in the phone’s model number potentially indicates that it is a dual-SIM one, a fact which is further supported by a SIM-slot shaped cutout in the picture combining with another such cutout at the corner.

Apart from that, the prefix of the model number (X230) makes it highly likely for the phone to be a variant of the upcoming budget smartphone from the company, that is being called the LG X230.

A recent Geekbench run on the phone threw up some other specifications that include a 1GB RAM, Android Marshmallow OS and a low-end MediaTek processor.

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Well, it appears we would have to wait just a bit more for the ‘mysterious’ LG X230DS to come out in its full glory. Let us know what you think of it.


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