The launch of the stunning Samsung Galaxy Fold was a big deal. The first mainstream foldable phone came in a single storage option, 512GB, that played its part in bloating the price. This year, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip maxed at 256GB of storage and was a bit more pocket-friendly. Word on the street is that Samsung is exercising the same formula to make Fold’s successor cheaper.

Samsung might launch the Fold’s second iteration, supposedly Galaxy Fold 2, later this year. As reported by SamMobile, Samsung will bring a 256GB variant as a base model. Though the company is not in the mood to make any other compromise with the hardware.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold hit the retail shelves last year with an exorbitant Rs. 1.65 lakhs price tag – and yet sold like hot cakes! Now, if storage is reduced by half, then it might work to save a reasonable amount.

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For other specifications, Fold 2 will certainly house Snapdragon 865 chipset supporting 5G connectivity as an added feature. The Fold 2 might borrow the camera setup from Galaxy S20 Plus and feature a bigger display with thinner bezels. Accumulating these features, the successor of Galaxy Fold should be an interesting development.


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