The megapixel war seems far from over. We’d really thought the 108MP sensors would suffice, at least for a while, but fresh reports peg that a phone with massive 192MP primary sensor is under works.

This bit of information comes from Chinese leakster Digital Chat Station who posted on Weibo that an SM7250 SoC based 192MP smartphone will launch soon, and he will reveal more information next month.

It is worth pointing out that SM7250 is basically Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 chipset which does officially includes Spectra 355 ISP. As per Qualcomm official microsite, the Snapdragon 765 is capable of processing 192MP large images. Though, at that size, HDR and multi-frame processing might not be possible for the ISP.

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So who could be launching the 192MP camera phone? Well, in the last one year almost every Android manufacturer has joined the megapixel party. Samsung’s S20 series, Xiaomi M10 phones boasts 108MP sensors while Realme too is rumored to launch a 108MP camera phone soon. It’s very likely t hat one of these three players could be the first to launch a 192MP camera phone.

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And as with all rumours, we urge you to take this report with a grain of salt. Digital Chat Station’s in his post didn’t make clear whether his statement refers to an official announcement by a brand or he will leak more info on his own



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