In less than a year, Coolpad has successfully grasped consumer attention in India thanks to the success of Coolpad Note 3. The company claims to have sold more than 1lakhs handsets of Note 3 in India in 3 months from its launch date. To carry forward this legacy company has introduced Coolpad Note 3 Lite in India. Coolpad Note 3 Lite price in India is Rs. 6,999 and it comes with 5-inch display which makes it half-an-inch more compact compared to the original Note 3. (Read our first impression of Coolpad Note 3Lite)

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Planning to buy a Coolpad Note 3 Lite? Here are answers to burning questions, faq and user queries that might be keeping you on the fence.


Key Specifications and Features:

Model Coolpad Note 3 Lite
Display 5-Inch, IPS Display, 720p Full HD resolution
Processor  1.3 GHz Quad Core MT6735
Internal Storage 16GB
Software Android 5.1 Lollipop
Primary Camera 13MP, dual tone LED flash, 1080p Videos
Secondary Camera 5MP primary
Battery 2500 mAh
Others 4G Dual SIM LTE
Price Rs. 6,999

Display, Design, and Build

Question – How is the Coolpad Note 3 Lite design?

Answer: Like its elder brother Coolpad Note 3 too wears plastic exterior, however, this time makers have used a better quality plastic, at least on the rear cover which is engraved with a subtle fabric-like texture that ensures it is not as slippery as Coolpad Note 3. Overall look and feel of Coolpad Note 3 Lite is Satisfactory.


Question: Are the capacitive keys backlit?

Answer: No, the capacitive touch key are not backlit.

Question: How is the display on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: The phone comes with a 5-inch HD display which comes with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and 294ppi. The display is sharp has good contrast ratio. On the downside, it attracts too much smudges and has average viewing angles. Color temperature is on the colder side, which means you will see the characteristic blue-ish whites, as is the case with most low-cost handsets.


Question: How is the outdoor visibility? Does Coolpad Note 3 Lite has an option for automatic brightness?

Answer: The display glass is very reflective, which takes its toll on outdoor visibility. With brightness cranked up, text was legible in the sunlight, but overall it was a struggle to use it under direct sun.

Question: Does the Coolpad Note 3 Lite display has Gorilla Glass protection?

Answer: No, Coolpad Note 3 Lite display doesn’t get to wear a Gorilla Glass protection. However, it comes with Nippon Electric Glass as a substitute.

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Performance and Storage

Question: How much internal storage space is free? Can Apps be moved to SD card on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Out of 16GB user get 10.90GB usable space. Users are allowed move apps to microSD card and also set it as primary storage.

Question: Is USB OTG supported on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Yes, it supports USB OTG.

Question: How is day to day or general performance?

Answer: It is hard to complain about the performance of this phone considering it MRP. However, looking at the numbers which are enlisted on the specs sheet it definitely has some legroom to cover. Still, for an average user who is looking for a good budget phone, Coolpad Note 3 Lite is a worthy contender as far as performance goes. We are still evaluating its performance and will update this article if we find any shortfalls with respect to our initial impression.

Question: How is gaming performance of Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: If you are looking to engage with light gaming to kill occasional boredom, ie low-intensity graphic games, then Coolpad Note 3 Lite could definitely meet your needs.

As far as high-end gaming goes, Coolpad Note 3 Lite has been a mixed bag. We experienced some hiccups with high-end gaming, but when it works it works well. Gaming performance has been a bit inconsistent.

Question: What are benchmark scores of Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Here are some benchmark scores.

Benchmark Standard Score
Antutu 32007
Nenamarks 2  59.7
Vellamo Metal, Multicore  987, 1422
Quadrant  12622

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Question: Does Coolpad Note 3 Lite have heating issues?

Answer: No, we haven’t experienced any heating with moderate gaming and day to day usage.

Question: How much RAM is free on first boot?

Answer: At the time of first boot, we got 2GB free RAM out of 3GB.


Question: How is the Coolpad Note 3 Lite camera?

Answer: Coolpad Note 3 camera performance is very impressive considering what we expect in this budget. In outdoor test images appear sharp and colors were close to natural. Long press the subject it activates object tracking which is something exciting to see in this price range.

 Camera UI:

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Question: Is HDR mode present on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Yes HDR mode is available on both primary and selfie camera on this phone.

Question: Can you record slow-motion videos on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Nope. It does not feature slow-motion recording option.

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Camera Samples

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Question: How responsive is fingerprint sensor on CoolPad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: It seems to be the same fingerprint sensor which was used in Coolpad 3. Setting it up is simply and it works flawlessly well. It is zippy and responsive.


Question: Can you specify the number of fingerprint impressions which can be stored on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: It can store up to 5 fingerprint impressions.


Question: How is the software?

Answer: At first glance, Software is similar to most app-drawer-less Chinese ROMs we come across. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Coolpad is not using a very thick skin on top of base Android 5.1 Lollipop, and the familiar stock material design is visible in notification shade and other aspects of the UI.

There are several features like on-screen and off-screen gestures, option to lock particular apps with fingerprint security, FM radio, change themes power saving mode, etc which come in handy.

Question: Does Coolpad Note 3 Lite support Gestures?

Answer: Yes. Coolpad Note 3 Lite has extensive gesture support listed under smart control option under settings.

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Question: What kind of SIM card does it accept?

Answer: Coolpad Note 3 lite features dual SIM card slots and in both of them it supports 4G LTE. In both slots, it accepts micro-SIM cards.


Question: How is the call quality on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Call quality is strictly average.

Question: Is the battery removable on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Nope, it comes with a non-removable battery.

Question: How many sensors do Coolpad Note 3 Lite have?

Answer: You can see the full list in the image below.

Question: How loud is the loudspeaker on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: The loudspeaker loudness isn’t seller, but again it’s difficult to complain considering the price tag. Since the handset is curved at bottom on the rear side, sound doesn’t get muffled when it is resting on its back.

Question: What comes inside the box of Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Inside the box, it contains a Handset, Headset, charger, USB cable, screen protector, user manual, and warranty card.

Coolpad Note 3 Lite UI Gallery

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Question: Can I capture Screenshots on my Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Yes, you can capture screenshots by pressing volume down and power button simultaneously or simply flick up/down with three figures.

Question: Am I allowed to install external Apk files on Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: Yes, users can install apps from external apk files.  However, for that user has to enable installation from unknown sources under security options.

Question: How to enable power saver mode on this device?

Answer: Simply, just tap on the long standby option in quick settings.

Question: Does it have a notification light?

Answer: Yes, Notification LED is present.

Question: Does it come with any pre-installed bloatware? Can I remove them?

Answer: Yes, it does come with pre-loaded bloatware. Luckily users are allowed to remove some of the pre-installed apps.

Question: What is SAR Value of Coolpad Note 3 Lite?

Answer: SAR values are 0.249 W/kg@1 g at Head, 0.425 W/kg@1 g at body.


Once again, Coolpad has managed to impress us with the package it is offering and the pricing is nothing short of icing on the cake. At 6,990, Coolpad Note 3 Lite is worth investing if you are looking for a phone with all modern features like fingerprint sensor, 3GB RAM, and a good display.



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