CoolPad Note 3 has garnered much hype ever since it landed in India.  The phone has been quite a hit among masses, thanks to its impressive specification and lucrative price. However, it is still too early to predict whether it will be a game changer of Chinese manufacturer CoolPad in India or not. If you are getting ready to treat yourself with CoolPad Note 3 this festive season but have some burning doubts and unresolved queries, read on.

Question: How’s the response of fingerprint sensor of CoolPad Note 3?

Answer: If we say USP of this phone is fingerprint sensor than it won’t be an over-statement. It is zippy (just like a Roger Federer serve).


Question: Can you specify number of fingerprint impressions which can be stored in this device.

Answer: It can store up to 5 fingerprint impressions. Thanks to FP Scanner app it can be used for securing apps as well.

Question: How is the display on CoolPad Note 3?

Answer: The display is at par if not above the adjacent competition. The color reproduction and viewing angles are great. Touch sensitivity is also good.


Question: How is the outdoor visibility on CoolPad Note 3?

Answer: Under direct sunlight, performance of the display gets subdued. Due to reflective nature of the used screen it is hard to read under direct sun.

Question: How’s the overall design and build quality of the phone?

Answer: CoolPad Note 3 doesn’t flaunt a path breaking design. The phone has a curved edges which affirms strong grip, but the build quality and design don’t scream ‘premium’.


Question: Are navigation buttons backlit?

Answer: No. Navigation buttons have chrome finish and thus they shine even if little light is present, but buttons are not backlit.


Question: What size of SIM card does CoolPad Note 3 support?

Answer: It has two Nano SIM card Slots and a MicroSD card expansion slot underneath its back cover. CoolPad Note 3 comes with 4G LTE and 3G support.

Question: – How much did CoolPad Note 3 score on Benchmarks?

Answer: Day to day performance has been smooth so far. Here are some benchmark scores for initial assessment.

12197096_10206922252527363_270802802_o 12190226_10206922252167354_20671007_o 12203898_10206922251967349_480024826_o

Question – Does Coolpad Note 3 have any heating issue?

Answer:The handset gets warm with gaming and even throttles, but doesn’t get excessively hot in normal usage even when used for long duration.

Question: How much internal storage is available at the time of first boot?

Answer: At the time of first boot we got only 10.43 usable space.

Question: Is there a microSD card slot in CoolPad Note 3?

Answer: Yes, it supports microSD storage up to 64GB.

Question: Can we move apps to SD card in CoolPad Note 3?

Answer: Nope. There is option for installing apps to SD card and under settings>>Apps there is dedicated space for ‘Apps on SD card’ but despite checking SD card as default storage and selecting SD card as install location while installing apps, apps failed to move to SD card.

Question: Is USB OTG supported?

Answer: Yes, you can use an OTG cable to plug in your thumb drive or external hard drive to the phone.


Question: How cool is the camera performance of CoolPad Note 3?

Answer: Frankly, performance of CoolPad Note 3 camera has been much better than our initial expectations. At the rear end, it sports a 13MP shooter built with five element f/2.0 aperture lens and brandishes large 1.4 mPixel size. For lowlight photography, it comes with a LED flash.

Day light images were well exposed and rich in details, and performance understandably degraded indoors. We had to hold our hand stable to avoid blur, even though shutter speed was fast.

Answer: CoolPad Note 3 houses a 3000mAh battery which is a stunner. Overnight, the device could only eat up three percent of total battery.

Question: Can we remove battery in CoolPad Note 3?

Answer: No, the battery is non-removable.

Question: Does it support rapid charging?

Answer: CoolPad Note 3 does not come with rapid charging option. However, it comes with a 2A Charger which does its job efficiently.

Question: How’s the call quality in this phone?

Answer: Call reception quality is on the expected lines and we didn’t find any difficulty in hearing. We were quite audible to the receiver as well.

Question: How many sensors are present on Coolpad Note 3?

Answer: Find the full list in the Image below.


Question: How loud is the loudspeaker of the phone?

Answer: Even though phone has got single speaker at the back, it was quite audible in noise ambient conditions.

Question: How is the software and User Interface of CoolPad Note 3?

Answer: CoolPad Note 3 comes with Cool UI v6.0 which is based on Android 5.1. The UI design isn’t very vibrant as, say, MIUI, and we can’t help but feel that it’s still work in progress. Having said that, there are several features like double tap to wake, gesture support and customization options which are quite useful.

Question: What comes inside the box of CoolPad Note 3?

Answer: Inside the box, we found a Handset, Headset, 2 Ampere Charger, USB Cable, User Manual and Warranty Card.


Well, we have to say the phone has impressed us keeping it price and specification in mind. Mediatek MT6753 octa-core processor clocked at 1.6GHz coupled with 3GB of RAM, 13MO camera and fingerprint sensor make it a hot cake in its price range. With Note 3 CoolPad has got all the basis covered. Multitasking is brilliant, fingerprint sensor is fast as well as accurate, camera is sharp and battery offers excellent standby time.


  1. Hi everyone.
    I am using coolpad note 3 from last 3 years,but from last one week, i am having some weird issue, automatically some chainsaw page appears, which just appear and load something, everything is in chinese, so its not possible to read. Is this unsafe for my privacy? Please reply me, regarding the problem.

  2. My coolpad note 3 plus touch screen not responding/working properly.
    Touch not working sometimes in may parts of the screen.
    What is the solution? How much it may cost in Kerala.

  3. Sir my mobile is cool pad note 3 lite its a problem iam useing two fingers on screen same time and automatically opening recent apps button i cant play any games because i am taping two fingers on screen recent apps button opens plz tell me solution

  4. I don’t know whats wrong with the phone….. My call automatically gets disconnected after 44 minutes……. How can i resolve this issue ?

  5. Hello,

    I am using coolpad note 3 since last 3 years.
    But from last 2 weeks, I am having this weird issue “No Sim” even I have 2 Airtel Sim inside the mobile. This issue suddenly started, without any phone drop, new app install, etc.

    I noticed that, under
    1) Settings – Call Settings tab isn’t opening.
    2) Settings – More.. – Cellular Networks isn’t opening.

    After multiple restarts, sometimes it again start showing sim cards and start working, but again after few hours, again shows the same error and i can’t place any calls or receive them. [Very annoying]

    So finally decided to do a format, after hours of backup from phone, did the soft factory reset and re-configured the phone. [I thought this would be end of my problems.] But even after the reset, still phone does not detect SIM and shows ‘No SIM’ 🙁

    Did the reset 3-4 times, still same issue.

    So decided to do a Hard factory reset via recovery mode. Finally after all this annoying things and time consuming process, now SIM cards started showing and working. [So, I was Happy, BUT….]

    But, then when I went to setting – Call settings to check if its opening or not, BUT unfortunately its still not opening, also whenever I try to click on the Call Settings or under …More- Cellular Networks , the phone switch back to ‘NO SIM’ error again. After few seconds comes back to showing SIM again. This repeats whenever I click on above 2 tabs.

    I am now tired and Not Sure what to do?

    CAN Anyone in this world full of technical experts [King of Technology] assist me this issue to get it resolved?

    I would very thankful to the person.

    Tushar Jajodia

  6. Hi All,

    I am using coolpad note 3 since from 2 years but this mobile having mobile data issue, whennever we browse the data from mobile data it will always shows you are connected to network. if anyone knows please let me know how to solve this problem.


  7. Hi admin..
    I am using coolpad note 3 lite since 2 years. recently I got more problems to use the mobile.
    when I try to open any app its showing that ”this app is not responding. do u want to close it?” and hangs continuously.
    .ex:-when I try to open whatsap its showing that ” whatsap is not responding. do u want to close it? and asking two options like wait? or ok?..
    when I try to use whatsap calls/ imo calls/ normal calls at that time also frequently hanging for 4 sec.. I am unable to talk.. I am unable to see movie continuously due to frequent hanging.. please tell me a solution for this.
    I request u to please send me the solutions through mail also as soon as possible..

  8. my coolpad note 3 is hanging a lot even i reset it 3 times and also the playstore is not opening ?
    can i know what happen to my phone

  9. Hi Admin,

    My Coolpad Note 3 Lite’s camera has got inverted. I tried find every possible solution in settings, but did not get anything. Please suggest.


  10. Hi

    I am using Coolpad note 3 form 2 year but few days I am facing network problem. In sim 1 iam using jio and sim 2 vadafone but vadafone network Is showing if someone calls me on vadafone it is not reachable. but when I put my jio. Card in sim 2 it work properly like one but only I’m facing issue with vadafone is there any setting.

  11. Hi i am using coolpad note 3 i want to download videos app to another phone is it possible , is this app available in play store ?

  12. My coolpad note 3 lite is automatically erased all images n videos from its internal memory n camera is not working… Plz give me a solution..

  13. hello ,
    my phone is shwoing the error of “unusal sd card,please check ”
    i formated my sd card but then to its showing the same error .
    my sd card is of 16GB .
    please help me….

  14. after hard reset my coolpad note 3, my mobile stuck at ”select wifi’ as i m getting skip option but it fails and even after connecting wifi it takes long time and fails..Please tell me how to solve this problem

  15. A truck went on my Coolpad note 3 plus…now its not working but charging is working for that.
    can it be repaired.
    whole display has damaged.

  16. My Airtel Sim is not working, it show emergency Call. In Cellular Network – Access Point Names showing like this Text Access point name setting are not available for this user.
    So, Please tell me how to solve this problem.

  17. Hai admin,
    My coolpad note 3 lite’s camera is not working for few days even in otherthan inbuilt camera / video application.
    Please suggest an idea to resolve it

  18. hello sir,
    in my coolpad note3 plus mobile,i was having charging problem in my mobile so i was not able to charge my phonw and then i replace it with new new usb charging and then it started charging….but the new problem occurs my display was not working… first it was working after the replacement of usb charging port the display problem is shown….mobile is working with good condition only screen is not working

  19. Hello sir me collpad note 3 use krta hu usme jab me music sunta hu to uske speaker me se faati faati awaj ati ha sir please help me

  20. Hi i am using coolpad note3 plus gold. In between using apps or viewing videos on the screen it shows like soundbutton with was so can I fix this problem

  21. Hello sir mera mobile coolpad 8676-l03 h jiske application icon hi show kr rhe or vo v big size me lekin uske sath unke naam show nhi kr rhe h please help me

  22. My coolpad note 3 mobile not able to switch on.
    It is getting on but like
    Cool pad note 3
    Powered by Android
    It is stopping there itself

  23. my coolpad note 3 lite automatically turn on and off cant go inside when i remove the battery only it will be stoped plssssssss help me to solve the problem

  24. hi

    i m using coolpad note 3 plus form 1 year………….

    incoming & outgoing calls screen wallpaper has been changed by itself

    whenever i want change it is not showing

    plz help me

  25. my coolpad note 3 has a camera issue, switch from frnt to back camera option is missing, and front camis upside down. than means any lic you clik will be upside down. i am on v22 android marshmello, also downgraded to lolipop but having the same issue. can you help?

  26. I have lost my coolpad note 3 lite mobile’s bill.How can I get that back?I have to get my mobile repaired for which I have been asked to issue the xerox copy of that bill.Plz respond soon

  27. My coolpad note 3 lite phone’s front camera is not working.. Its not giving me the option for front camera… What should i do??? Any suggestions plzz

  28. how can i get a compatible battery for my coolpad note 3 plus. It drains automatically to 20 to 30 % within 1/2 an hour after full charge.

  29. Cannot do taking calls using fingerprint scanner. The option for taking calls in the settings is not fully visible. The ✅ is not entering when i press it in the call settings.. Please help

  30. I am not seeing cool show app in my mobile I didn’t knew weather I have deleted or dont knew what happened I am not seeing can some help where I get again to download that

  31. Hi I am using coolpad note 3 plus from 9 months. I deleted one folder accidentally which contains lot of to recover them with same quality
    .please tell me

  32. My coolpad note 3s gets restarted when Dialling a number while the data is on.once the data is off the call is connected. Otherwise it is getting restarted.

  33. hai i am using my coolpad note 3 lite from 9 months.the phone is heating very quickly.and 16gb memory card is not detecting….can u pls help me to solve my problem..

  34. Hello good morning
    I don’t know I’ll get solution for my problems
    I am using coolpad note 3 lite from past 8 months and I found that there is option for update lollipop to marshmallow then I started doing update.
    After completion of marshmallow update I feel its very cool and smooth but facing few problems they are:-
    1) unable to rotate the screen while watching movies etc
    2) need to restart the device for every 2 days otherwise device running/operating very slow
    3) when I take any picture using camera front /back pictures are capturing in riversely I means 180 degree position
    These are few problems which I am facing still
    Hopely waiting for solutions
    Thank you…….

  35. What should i do to prevent shutter down while my coolpad note 3 is locked..?

    Whenever i am not around my phone my little brother just starts my internet and hotspot and starts using it…

    Plz tell me..!


  36. my coolpad note 3 phone is just opening recovery mode and not at all opening anything even though i am installing os rom pls help me out from this issue. thanks in advance.

  37. I am using coolpad note 3 lite since july from two months my mobile fingerprint sensor is not working what need to do to swork finger print sensor

  38. Hello I am using Coolpad note 3 lite
    Ram 16gb
    Out of 16gb 5gb used for 5gb why it used 5gb
    Available 10.8 gb
    In that it shows 2.8 gb used but in internal memory no photos no video no documents then how it will show 2.8 gb used

  39. pls help me i was updet my coolpad note 3 with marshmallow and i lost my galley and music witch are in buld
    pls help me

  40. Hi,
    Am using cool pad note 3 from past 1 yr it is an amazing phone which work ultimate in all the way, but from past few day am facing problem while connecting to wifi, the wifi is getting switched off every few min i have to switch on again. Please do suggest me some solution. Thank you

  41. My cool pad note 3s some time photos are can not opened they show white screen .and apps are show ,they can not responfing, set is very hanging problem, actually the internal storage is free know but is hanging. I gave the set to service centre for solve the problem,but the above same problems reapited. But one think I have purchase the set on 23.1.2017.

  42. My phone is Coolpad Note 3 Plus Recently my device motherboard has been lost and i gave it to Service Center and they give me back in 15 days. and now it is working but the problem is it should showing the Percentage and connected the Charger but the charging is not working… Please send me the reply as soon as possible .

  43. It’s almost a year now since I bought Coolpad Note 3 & today suddenly its home screen n multitasking button stopped working & only back button responded.. Then I rebooted the phone & buttons starting responding but it’s font changed & it’s looking really bad… What do I do now?

    • Go to settings and then u’ll c ‘apps’ there.U click on that and then slide the screen towards right until u c disabled apps.u will have a disabled app there as coolshow.Then u need to long press ur recent button which is located at the bottom left corner of ur phone until u see the option reset apps there.Then u need to click on reset apps.then the disabled coolshow app will be enabled and u can set the default font style again.

  44. hello, i m using coolpad note 3 in my phone sound is decreased bt in options it is showing like they are can i make my phone normal please any one say me…..

  45. In my Coolpad note 3 lite when i open my photos it says no picture but there is pictures and when i try to move my albums to another folder then in photos the album shows double. When i remove the duplicate one, then both the album gets deleted.. why?

  46. My cp note 3 lite turns off automatically when it is idle or in use……,,,why does it happens and i have installed marshmallow on my Coolpad note 3 lite and its rooted…so plz fix my bug….rest all is working well!!!

  47. I m using coolpad note 5 .as I have 2 Sims so I didn’t insert the SD card in it. .but whenever I download any Pdf ,photos, videos,voice note ..any data .. After a some time it all gets deleted..what to do ? Plz solve this problem .

  48. Hey friend I am using coolpad note 3 but ot not support to handal a external harddisk of 1 tb can you tell me how it support i have lenovo 1 TB harddisk so reply me bye

  49. IM using coolpad not 3 light phone. Im using 2 sim cards slot 1 for airtel & slot 2 for jio. if i insert jio sim for slot 2 i couldn’t connect data connection from sim slot 1 (airtel) only connect from jio only . im removing sim 2 jio sim slot 1 airtel data connected.. let solve the problem ….

  50. im using coolpad not 3 light phone. Im using 2 sim cards slot 1 for airtel & slot 2 for jio. if i insert jio sim for slot 2i couldn’t connet data connection from sim slot 1 (airtel) only conect from jio only . im removing sim 2 jio sim slot 1 airtel data connected.. lease solve the problem

  51. I am using my Coolpad Note 3 lite since April, I haven’t faced too much of problems. But from last night its not switching on, but suddenly today it opened today morning, the home screen came. it seems it was alright with with 58% charge, but suddenly its showing “PHONE OPERATING SYSTEM NOT RESPONDING” with two options “WAIT” & “OK”, I clicked on ok. after that it got switched Off…… its not opening yet. but its charging (may be with off screen & red led on the top)…
    please can you give a solution..

  52. When I close my data after use internet.
    All the same the internet is still working…..
    And I cannot able to close it.. whereas is showing my data off.
    I tried lots of time but nothing happens.

  53. Hi
    My name is Shashank and I’m using Coolpad note 3 lite
    I need to know how to store my all data in sd card directly without storing in phone memory.
    Please reply me

  54. I have coolpadnote3 lite phone .my problem is i can’t open whatsapp messages when iam in other apps when i got whatsapp notifications so can u please help me

  55. I am using Coolpad Note 3 g since from October its getting too much and automatically getting turned off while i am using kindly suggest with an answer

  56. I have cool pad note 3 4g heandset lte but i am not able to use reliance jio 4g or vodafone 4g in my heandset when i called to customer care she said that please update your phone to 2.2 marcemellow is it correct or please help me to use 4g in my handset plz…

  57. My mobile is cool pad note 3 lite ,the problem is ,I am on the talk back on accessibility in settings, then after mobile touch not working plz give proper solution

  58. Hiii i m problem is that the second slot of sim is not working.i tried 2-4 sim inserted but any of them is not working.plz help me in this persuing.

  59. Hiii

    My coolpad note 3 is not charging while screen is on as soon as i press power button to off the screen charging starts

    What should I do to charge my phone while screen is on or while i am using the phone while charging?

  60. Hi, I have Coolpad Note 3 Lite and it’s secondary sim slot is not working. I bought it in the month of June’16 and it was on that day. but now it’s not working I don’t know why. Please help me If you have solution for this.

    Thank you.

  61. In my Coolpad Note 3 pbone 4G is not coming. Even if I select preferred network as 4G, only 3G is showing. And in the same area if I am using same SIM in other 4G phone, I can see 4G data working.
    Note : I am very much proficient in 3g 4g lte volte because i work in telecomm sector so I tried almost everything to latch to 4G signal and get 4G data. Using Airtel 4G in Odisha circle in an area having good 4g signal strength.

    Can you help me? Is it handset issue? I havent seen a single complain in any blog about handset issue for 4G.

  62. My photos was not open when I am open the gallery it says unfortunately photos are stopped …plzzzz help me how solve this as early as possible


  64. My coolpad note 3 lite’s wifi has stopped working.
    It displays “unfortunately,wifi has stopped working”.
    Plz help me to solve this issue.

    • Go go engineering mode and check if your phones Wi-Fi hardware are working. Also my cool pad note3 lite’s Wi-Fi has stuck. When u switch on Wi-Fi it will automatically put it off. Finally I came to know that Wi-Fi hardware are not working in mine. Reply me to my email

  65. i have bought cool pad note 3
    I installed fonts on cool show. but fonts option is hidden in that menu
    iam so confused how to change the font. how to reappear the font option
    plz explain me sir

  66. Hi,

    Am not able to access Google chrome browser in my Coolpad note 3 device, frequently getting error timed out. kindly suggest for the fix.

  67. iam mot able to reuse the other apps after i minimize them
    it is showing no recnt apps
    i must start from frirst if i have to use the app its so uncomfortable is there any way this problem can b resolved

  68. Hi,
    I am Veerasekhar I have purchased coolpad note3 lite and using from last one week and its really best phone under Rs. 15,000.
    I just want to know how do I stop background data.

    Pls if anyone knows help me.

  69. My Coolpad note 3 lite showing that SD card is checking for errors but not detecting i tried with various SD cards BT not gtng up my SD card what to do
    I bought thus phn 1 WK ago

  70. I am unable to open my inbuilt photos folder. When i click on it, an error message unfortunately, photos has stopped is being displayed. When i try to uninstall the app, it says cannot uninstall, as this is system inbuilt app. Please can someone help me get back my photos gallery.

  71. When i click on photos folder in my coolpad its saying unfortunately photos has stopped. Am unable to view the photos in this folder. I tried to open it thru settings and file manager too but of no use. Can you please help me out in finding whats wrong with it.

  72. Hi
    I have been using Coolpad Note 3 for around 6 months and there’s no flaw or anything. Sometimes it lags but I can live with that. My main query is that I came to know there is a cable that can let u connect hard drives or pendrives directly with your phone. It’s an OTG cable and I ordered it, on the website it was written that the cable is compatible with all Android devices but when I connect it to my phone, my phone doesn’t detect the hard drive. The light of my hard drive glows which means it is successfully connected but I can’t access it on my phone. It is driving me crazy so pls if anyone has a solution to this problem, give 2 minutes of ur time and explain the process to me. Please

  73. I had set a pattern for my Coolpad note 3 but i forgot d pattern n now its only working or unlocking by my fingerprints… Plz help me reset d pattern…!

  74. Recently i have purchased coolpad note 3 lite. After few days, my phone is not recognizing the sim card. Please help me

    I have reset the phone also even after it doesn’t working

  75. […] Coolpad Note 3 distinctly helped Coolpad become a familiar house hold name in India. The key ingredient was the Fingerprint sensor, which against all odds, worked perfectly even on a budget handset. Coolpad is now sticking to the same tried and tested formula and intends to replicate the same success with the ‘Lite’ variant, which is now the most affordable handset with a handy fingerprint sensor. […]

  76. Hi,
    I recently purchased coolpad note3 lite. I tried to move Whatsapp to “SD Card”. It shows app has moved to SD Card, but in reality whatsapp files and folders are still inside “Phone Storage”.

    I wonder Why? I never had such issue with my older Android phones.

    Coolpad Guys says “you can’t save whatsapp data directly to sd card.
    even after move app to sd card it remains in internal storage. just like OBB files[becoz of security purposes]”

    I now have very much doubt that coolpad OS has some kind of malware that fools android OS that app has been move to SD card, but in reality its still on phone storage.

    I have screenshots for what I say …. Can anyone Advice ?


  77. plz tell what are the apps that gets supported in this mobile. Also tell IS there any problem (or error) in installing the apps from google play store?

  78. Hi,
    I am Yogesh I have purchased coolpad note3 and using from last 1 month and its really best phone under Rs. 15,000.
    I just want to know how do I stop background data.

    Pls if anyone knows help me.


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