All Google Nexus 6P FAQ Answered – Benchmark Scores, User Queries and Photo Gallery

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Google for the first time in the history has collaborated with Chinese OEM Huawei to manufacture a Nexus phone. Together, they have managed to create Nexus 6P which is one of the better Nexus devices especially after the debacle of Nexus 6. With high-end specification, premium design, improved camera, fingerprint sensor and Android v.6.0 Marshmallow running on top – Nexus 6P is surely one of the top contenders among best Android smartphones available in the market today.
Still, there are a few answers Nexus lovers are trying to find before they make up their minds. Here are the answers to the most frequent queries we encounter from prospective buyers.

Key Specifications and Features

Model Nexus 6P
Display 5.7 Inch, QHD 2560 X 1444, 518PPI, AMOLED
Processor Snapdragon 810 Octa-core, Adreno 430 GPU
Internal Storage 32, 64 or 128GB, No MicroSD card slot
Software Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Primary Camera 12.3MP,1.55 μm pixels, f/2.0 aperture, IR Laser assisted autofocus, 4K video capture, Slow motion videos at 240fps, EIS
Secondary Camera 8MP, 1.4 µm pixels, f/2.4 aperture
Dimensions and weight 159.3 x 77.8 x 7.3mm and 178 grams
Battery 3450 mAh, Rapid charging supported (Google claims it’s twice as fast as iPhone 6 Plus)
Others Micro USB Type-C based on USB 3.1, Single SIM, LED notification light, Nexus Imprint
Price 39,999 INR/ 42,999 INR/ 47,999 INR

Design and Display:

Question: What type of material is used in Nexus 6P?
Answer: Huawei has used aeronautical-grade anodized aluminium with chamfered edges. The Nexus 6P is quite sturdy and resilient to daily wear and tear. We have been using it without any case for 10 days now and it is still in pristine condition.


Question: How good is the screen? What can we expect in terms of quality?
Answer: The Nexus 6P flaunts a current gen Samsung AMOLED display with QHD resolution and 518PPI. The display has great sharpness, contrast and white balance ratio. Reading text or watching videos on the Nexus 6P screen is a delight. The 5.7-inch long display is layered with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, Fingerprint and Smudge Resistant Oleophobic Coating.

Question: Is Huawei Nexus 6P is prone to smudges?
Answer: As we mentioned before, Nexus 6P display comes a with Smudge Resistant Oleophobic Coating to protect it from smudges. Nexus 6P is not the first smartphone on the planet to wear it, however, we are very impressed with its competence on Nexus 6P. Unlike various flagship devices, we have to rarely wipe our phone during our day.

Question: I have heard the nexus 6P is way too large, is it comfortable to use or carry in the pocket?
Answer: Yes, it’s not the most manageable phone out in the market. The display side bezels are narrow, but the presence of stereo speakers on top and bottom makes it a bit too tall. We don’t find it uncomfortable to carry in our pockets (the slim profile helps), but yes that could be a problem for some people.

Question: What Color Variants Available for Nexus 6P?
Answer: Currently Nexus 6P is available in Aluminium, Graphite and Frost color options.

Question: Is visor at the back of Nexus 6P scratch resistant?
Answer: So far it is holding very well. We have been using to for last 10 days still we haven’t noticed any scratch on the visor. However, we recommend you to buy a case to protect from any mishap. The camera assembly is also placed under the visor, so it’s only wise to take all measures possible to avoid scratches.

Nexus 6P Photo Gallary:

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Storage and RAM:

Question: How Much free RAM is available at the time of first boot?
Answer: Out of 3 GB RAM, 2.1 GB RAM was available to us at the time of first boot.

Question: How Much Free Internal Storage is Available at the time of first boot?Answer: Out of 32 Gb, 25 GB of storage space is available out of the box.

Question: Can users move apps to SD card on Nexus 6P?
Answer: Since Nexus 6P doesn’t support microSD card, moving apps to a card is out of the question.

Ports and Battery:

Question: Does it support USB OTG?
Answer: Yes, OTG is supported on Nexus 6P. However, you will require a USB Type-C reversible connector to connect your external storage to the phone.

Question: Does the USB-C type port support HDMI or MHL?
Answer: No, at the launch meet Google’s Krishna Kumar – Android/Nexus Product manager, confirmed us that it doesn’t support HDMI or MHL.


Question: Is Huawei Nexus 6P compatible with fast charging?
Answer: Yes, it comes with the USB 3.0 fast charger.

Question: What’s the configuration of the charger which comes out of the box?
Answer: Nexus 6P comes bundled with 3A / 5 volts charger.

Question: How is Battery Backup on Nexus 6P?
Answer: Nexus 6P is giving us around  6 hours of onscreen time, which is more than what we have come to expect from flagship phone of 2015. Thanks to new Doze feature in marshmallow, Standby times are pretty awesome at night.

40 minutes of HD video playback and 40 minutes of browsing took a toll of 10 percent battery each, which is good, considering the QHD display and Octa-core Snapdragon 810 under the hood. Most users will comfortably make it across one day mark.

Question: Does it have wireless charging?
Answer: No. According to Google’s official statement, they have skipped wireless charging to reduce waistline. For Google, USB-C + Quick Charge made charging a smooth experience so they persisted with it.


Question: How’s the camera quality of the Nexus 6P?
Answer: The cameras in Nexus 6P is capable of capturing sharp are vivid images. Images captured look even more vivid on 6P’s AMOLED display.
The 1.55-micron large sensor comes handy in capturing images in low light photography. We have extensively used this phone and with certainty, we can now say that Nexus 6P cameras capture a good amount of details and accurate colors. You can have a look at Nexus 6P camera samples below for more details.


Question: How’s the image quality of Nexus 6P selfie camera?
Answer: Nexus 6P features an 8MP selfie camera which does its job perfectly. We have captured quite a few selfies with it didn’t let us down. The default Google Camera app also has a HDR+ mode for selfies which further improves selfie contrast and quality.

Nexus 6P Camera Samples:

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Question: Does Nexus 6P cameras feature Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)?
Answer: No. There is no OIS.

Question: Is Nexus 6P capable of recording 4K Videos?
Answer: Yes, it can shoot 4K ultraHD videos without breaking a sweat.

Question: How’s the much-talked slow-motion recording in Nexus 6P?
Answer: We have to say it is pretty cool. The camera is capable of capturing videos in 120fps and 240fps. We tried both the option and as expected, 240fps takes slow-mo to another level.


Question: How is the Nexus 6P performance? What are benchmark scores of Nexus 6P?
Answer: We didn’t face any issue with day-to-day performance on Nexus 6P. The handset handles moderate and heavy graphics intensive gaming very well without heating. However, the device temperature scales by a couple of degrees when we continuously ran heavy graphics intensive games on for long hours.

Nexus 6P Benchmark Score:
Antutu  56681
Velamo Metal, Multicore, Browser  1707, 1830, 3019
Quadrant  18,610
Nenamark 2  59.9

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Question: How is Nexus 6P’s Gaming Performance?
Answer: In past ten days, we have run all sort of games on the phone to test its gaming performance and we have to Nexus 6P didn’t disappoint us. It handled all sorts of high-end games effortlessly.

Question – How is the call quality?
Answer – Call quality is very good in our area.


Question: How’s the performance of Marshmallow? Does it make any difference?Answer: Marshmallow is a step forward in the right direction by Google. With it Google has plugged the shortcomings of Lolipop. New features allow users to have much more control over the data access by the apps, better integration of fingerprint sensor and extended battery life thanks to its ‘doze’ feature.
Nexus 6P and Marshmallow complement each other very well. Since it is a Nexus device, Google has optimized it as per hardware on-the-board.The only issues we have experienced so far in Marshmallow is the occasional drop in wi-fi reception. Despite opting for always on during sleep, we witnessed wi-fi drops. It is a small bug which we expect Google Engineers to fix in the coming OTA update.

Question: Does the 6P support double tap to wake feature?
Answer: No, but thanks to its sensor hub it has a nudge to wake feature.

Question: How much bloatware apps are pre-installed, are they removable?Answer: Nexus 6P runs on Google’s stock Marshmallow with no bloatware apps.


Question: SAR Value of Nexus 6P?
Answer: 1.18 W/Kg (head).

Question: How many sensors do Nexus 6P have?
Answer: You can check the full list in the image below.


Question: Does Nexus 6P have a dual SIM card?
Answer: Unfortunately, Google has given secondary SIM card a miss.

Question: How’s the response of Fingerprint Sensor in Google’s Nexus 6P?
Answer: Fingerprint sensor in the Nexus 6P is one of the fastest in business. However, its placement will take some getting used to. Unlike, Apple and Samsung, Nexus phones sports a fingerprint sensor at their back.

Even though we have been using Huawei Nexus 6P for past 10 days, many times we end up entering a pattern to unlock our device.
Another drawback of fingerprint sensor at the rear end is that you can’t really access it when your phone is placed on a flat surface and you want to have a quick look at last message or missed call.

Question: How loud is the loudspeaker on Nexus 6P?
Answer: According to us, Nexus 6P offers the best audio output compared to the current crop of flagships. We are charmed by the sound quality of this phone. The dual speakers on the front offer a loud and clear audio experience.


Question: Can connect my Bluetooth Headset with Nexus 6P?
Answer: Yes, can pair your Bluetooth headset with Nexus 6P to enjoy seamless wireless music.

Question: Mobile Hotspot Internet Sharing Supported?
Answer: Yes, you can use Mobile Hotspot to connect your other smart devices with the internet from this device.

Question: Does it have LED notification light?
Answer: Yes, it includes a multicoloured LED notification light.

Question: Does Nexus 6P capacitive navigation Buttons are Backlit?
Answer: No. Nexus 6P uses on-screen navigation button rather than physical buttons.


Nexus 6P is a very impressive smartphone but is a bit tough to wield if you have small hands or even otherwise. Pitching it against the current crop of high-end flagship phones, the Nexus 6P emerges as the best value for money option with least compromises involved.

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Experienced technology journalist with over 7-years of experience. Before embracing online journalism, he has worked with several legacy publications including print editions at Hindustan Times and The Statesman. He also has a keen interest in Sports, which he used to cover with equal enthusiasm in his early career.

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