Best solutions for Android not making or receiving calls

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Because your Android smartphone won’t make or receive calls, you might find yourself in the middle of nowhere when it comes to contacting friends and family. There can be a number of reasons and we have created this article to go over a few potential causes and workarounds for why that occurs. Since there are a lot of smartphones from various brands, we have especially taken care of providing solutions to work on most Android devices.

A few immediate reasons behind your Android phone not making or receiving calls could include low or no network coverage, an active Do Not Disturb (DND) feature, blocked phone numbers, and a malware issue. Also, there are cases when a smartphone behaves inadvertently after installing or uninstalling certain apps.

Tips and tricks for Android not making or receiving calls

After introspecting all of the aforementioned fixes, if your Android smartphone is still unable to place or receive calls, here are the five best tips and tricks to get the job done.

1. Enable and disable the Airplane mode

Double-check if Airplane mode is negligently enabled on your Android device. If it is not inactive, enable the flight mode, wait for a few seconds and disable it again to reset the network. 

To enable or disable flight mode, go to Settings > Wi-Fi & Network > Airplane Mode. Toggle off or on.

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2. Delete cache data of the Phone app

You might also be able to use your Android phone to make and receive calls once more by clearing the cache data in your dialer app. Here’s how to clear dialer cache data.

  1. Go to Settings > App & notifications.
  2. Click on ‘App info’ or ‘See All Apps’.
  3. Browse the list and tap on ‘Phone’.
  4. Hit the ‘Storage & cache’ option.
  5. Click the Clear cache icon.

Now check if you can make phone calls on your Android or move to the next solution.

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3. Inspect your SIM card

If your Android device’s SIM card is not installed correctly, you might not be able to make or receive calls on it. You can remove your SIM card and make sure it is inserted as promoted over the SIM tray by the device’s manufacturer. Whatever the case, you should take out and re-insert the SIM card to see whether you can make calls or not.

4. Reactivate SIM card

You can deactivate and then reactivate your SIM cards as an alternative to ejecting them. If there is a phone-SIM card issue preventing you from placing or receiving phone calls, it might be able to help. Here’s how you can deactivate and reactivate a SIM card:

  1. Open Android Settings and go to the ‘Wi-Fi & Network’ option.
  2. Go to the ‘SIM & Network’ option.
  3. Select the SIM card you are facing a problem with.
  4. To disable the SIM, toggle on the button and tap OK from the popup saying “Deactivate this SIM card?”.
  5. Toggle the SIM card back ‘ON’ from the same SIM configuration page to reactivate it.

Remember that Android doesn’t let you deactivate all the SIM simultaneously if there are multiple SIM cards on the device. So, it is advised to deactivate and reactivate each SIM card one after another.

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5. Contact your network provider

In order to verify that the concerned SIM card is active and hasn’t been blocked, you should call your network provider from a different number or use social media channels. If the SIM is operational, you might receive helpful information to fix the SIM card problem. Reach out to the carrier company if your phone can make and receive calls with another SIM card.

If none of the aforementioned fixes worked in resolving the problem, hardware is almost certainly at blame. It’s time to take your smartphone to a certified repair centre for inspection of any potential hardware issues. Also, don’t forget to share if any of the resorts worked for you.

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