Best Caller Identification apps: How to find unknown caller details for free

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We receive several spam calls every day from loan agents to insurance brokers and at times from phishing attempts. When you get such phone calls from an unknown number you might find yourself in a dilemma whether to accept or not. Nevertheless, you can find out the identity of these unknown callers right on your phone thanks to various reliable apps Caller/identification apps and websites.

We have here made a list of the best mobile apps and websites that are useful for finding the identity of callers. Also, these caller finder apps are free for use for both Android and Apple devices.

Best Caller Identification apps in India


The most well-known and trustworthy caller ID app on the list is Truecaller. With its large active user base and ability to lable phone numbers as fraud, scams, and robocalls, makes it stands out among all call identification software application.

This is accomplished through user feedback and long database. So, when a call comes in, you may decide instantly whether to answer it or not. On the other hand, if it receives a personal call, it will also flash up the caller’s name as long as the phone number is saved in its database. The app also offers call logs, messaging, call recording, and other similar features.

Download Truecaller for Android | iOS

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Hiya is a simple Android app that performs reverse caller and SMS lookups. It was formerly known as Whitepages Caller ID. It has a number of features, including a simple and quick way to block obnoxious calls, automatic rejection of fraudulent and robocalls, and real-time phone number identification. It swiftly scans and recognises the caller using the database of hundreds of millions of phone numbers.

Download Hiya for Android | iOS 


CallApp is an Android caller ID and reverses phone search app that claims a number of capabilities. It allows users to reject and blacklist spam calls, record both incoming and outgoing calls, and track phone numbers using sophisticated caller ID technologies. Support for WearOS watches distinguishes CallApp from its rivals. You no longer need to constantly go for your phone to check the details of an unknown caller thanks to the app on your smartwatch. It can blacklist and filter spam calls from a specific prefix like robocalls.

Download CallApp for Android

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Showcaller specialises in determining the genuine caller’s name and location so that spam, scams, telemarketing, and robocalls can be avoided. To find someone, just launch the app and type their name or phone number. As a result, you will receive all relevant results, making it straightforward for you to identify the caller. Additionally, there is a call recording feature that automatically records both incoming and outgoing calls.

Download Showcaller for Android

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One can easily find out who owns a phone number and who their telecom provider is by using this website. To begin gathering information, simply type the phone number into the search bar. To check for the information, just double-check that you entered the country code for the phone number accurately. Any browser, whether on a mobile device, PC, or laptop, can easily access it because it is a website for phone number identification.


All these apps and platforms are available for free. Let us know in the comments if you use any of the above.

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