Best Expenses Splitting Apps for Android and iOS: Easily Split bills with friends with these apps

Splitting bills and getting paid back is easy with the below-mentioned handy and super clean mobile apps.

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Splitting bill between a group of people is a task in itself and you might have faced such a situation if you go for group lunch, on a trip, or have lived as roommates. While the old-school way of recording expenses in a notebook might seem easier, calculating the total and splitting it brings the real job. The situation becomes worse when the number of participants is higher. Well, a smartphone with the best bill-splitting app can save your day.

There are several mobile applications available for both Apple and Android users for recording expenses, splitting bills, and sharing them for settlements. A bill-splitting app helps roommates and families track expenses like rent, utility bills, groceries, and other shared commodities. Also, friends and colleagues can get the best out of such an app by easily saving the expenditure on dining and travelling together. 

We have here curated a list of the best bill-splitting apps for everyone reading out there. The below-mentioned apps are free of cost and work on both Android and iOS users. Let’s explore.

Best Expenses Splitting Apps for Android and iOS

1. Google Pay

Google Pay is a much more powerful app than just for UPI transfers. The app serves as a robust financial platform catering to the needs of a regular lifestyle. It provides an ideal way of creating a group to record transactions, send and receive money, and do the needful maths for splitting bills. The app is helpful for instantly paying for groceries, utility bills, dining, etc. and splitting the amount right after it. Google Pay is completely free offering more features like chat, transaction history, payments request, and rewards.

Download Google Pay for Android | iOS

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2. Paytm

Since Paytm is one of the early payment portals in India, it has achieved the top rank in the category with over 30 crore users in the country. Apart from offering easy money transfer, safe bill payment, online shopping, and various booking, the app also allows users to split bills. The feature is currently more useful for one-time expenses like dining, recreational bookings, or others. It lets users divide the amount proportionally and raise requests for payments. 

Download Paytm for Android | iOS

3. Splitwise

Splitwise is a completely dedicated app for splitting bills among different users. The app has this clean UI with loads of features for tracking your finances. It lets flatmates split rent and bills, friends can manage travel expenses, record wedding arrangements, and quick splitting of bills at restaurants. Users can add expenses, choose any currency, view their balances, share the amount and get paid back.

Download Splitwise for Android | iOS

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4. Venmo 

Venmo is owned by PayPal which is already a leading digital payment method globally. The app is fast, safe and provides a social way of paying expenses as a whole to merchants and getting paid back by friends. It automatically helps you split bills. When you start a payment or request, calculator buttons appear on your keyboard to divide the amount quickly. Users can also add notes to requests for clear communication.

Download Venmo for Android | iOS

5. Tricount

Tricount is a simple bill-splitting app that lets users add group expenses even during offline mode. Each participant in a group can add their expense, see changes, and do a final calculation. It sends notifications whenever someone adds or edits expenses. Tricount works on apps for Android and iOS devices, even available for web users. 

Download Tricount for Android | iOS

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6. Splid 

Splid needs no sign-up for using the app yet it works on and offline for creating groups and adding expenses. Users can sync the offline data online whenever they want. The app supports over 150 currencies so you need to worry during a foreign vacation. It also allows users to download expense summaries as PDF files.

Download Splid for Android | iOS

Easily Split bills with friends with these apps

All the aforementioned Android and iOS apps are free to install and use, so don’t hesitate to give them a try to manage your expenses and bill splitting. 

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Guna Sekaran
Guna Sekaran
6 months ago

Tricount is the best in this list. But it doesn't have a web version. GPay, Paytm are not really expense splitting apps. Veno - not avialable in India. Splid - very simple and celan but no online sync.

Amber David
Amber David
1 year ago

I've checked out these apps but in my opinion is the best one out there atm. It's the only one I found that support multiple currencies on the same tab for free. Ideal when traveling abroad with friends.

bobby smith
bobby smith
1 year ago

ive tried many of these app before but they are either too complicated or missing the features i need, im surprised is not on here ,it is by far the easiest to us an best for splitting bills.

bobby smith
bobby smith
1 year ago

I'm surprised is not on this list, Ive tried many of these but splitpal is the easiest expense splitting app to use.