Best portable ECG devices to buy under Rs 15,000 in India

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An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a modern health device that records the heart’s electrical activity to look for various cardiac problems. It frequently aids in the diagnosis and observation of heart-related diseases. An ECG offers a quick test to diagnose a host of heart health issues like palpitations (abnormal heartbeat), dizziness, shortness of breath, and chest pain.

While ECG machines used in medical labs provide accurate and reliable readings, there are portable ECG devices to be used in emergencies. Although the majority of portable ECG devices are highly dependable their readings are not as precise as those from clinical or hospital-grade ECG machines. Also, the key purpose of using a portable ECG machine is to notify your doctor and keep a watch on regular heart activities.

We have here handpicked the best portable ECG devices for you to consider buying for monitoring heart conditions. These devices cost under 15k and are available to buy via Amazon India.

1. amiciCare Wireless ECG Monitor

AmiciCare Wireless ECG monitor gives instant results and allows you to measure real-time ECG and heart rate displaying it on the OLED panel. The monitor seamlessly connects to your smartphone via an app and takes 30 seconds to 5 minutes to get the readings. There are 3 measurement options- hand, leg, and chest. All you have to do is power on with a single touch and get it started. No need for wires, patches, or gels. It is equipped with Type-C charging and one full charge supports 500 measurements.

The data can be stored or shared with family members or doctors if needed. It weighs 27 grams and has a 0.75-inch display.

Price- Rs. 10.734 | Available on-Amazon

2. Dr. Trust Portable ECG Pen

Dr. Trust Portable ECG Pen provides real data about your heart. It can alert you about symptoms of heart problems at an early stage. The pen comes with next next-generation sensor and has an automated workflow with a single touch. Measurements can be taken using right index finger-chest, left index finger-chest, and left hand-right hand. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and the Dr Trust app can be downloaded to get detailed data. The pen is leadless and offers 500+ readings with a single charge. The data of up to 36 measurements can be retrieved from the app.

Price- Rs. 3499 | Available on- Amazon

3. Agatsa Sanketlife Pro+

Agatsa Sanketlife Pro+ is a light and portable ECG device that can fit into your pocket. It is a 12-lead ECG that can be used as a leadless or lead-based portable ECG device with PQRST analysis. The monitor can track Heart Rate Variability which is a way to track health and stress. The device weighs 50 grams and doesn’t need electricity, just 2 coin cell batteries with a 210mAh capacity. The ECG monitor gives instant results and can point to up to 30 irregularities in the body. There is a mobile app that connects the monitor to your phone and with this portable device, you can measure ECG anytime, anywhere.

Price- Rs. 4248 | Available on- Amazon

4. AliveCor Single Lead ECG Device

It uses a two-electrode system to record ECG at a speed of 300 samples per second for a duration of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. With the use of AI technology, it can identify four of the most prevalent arrhythmias. Users can access all of their ECG histories at any time, or any place by having them locally stored. Additionally, it provides a simple way to share ECG records.

Price: ₹7,499 | Available on Amazon

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5. Sunfox Spandan 4.0 Portable 12-lead ECG device

Sunfox Spandan 4.0  has Intelli-ECG technology and bio-potential sensors. It records the first tests in less than ten seconds, anywhere and anytime. It offers up to 12- lead ECG tests and is claimed to provide results with an accuracy of 99.7%. It is effective at identifying various arrhythmia problems. The gadget makes it simple to record, save, and share ECG results on Android-compatible devices.

Price: ₹7,429 | Available on Amazon | Flipkart

6. KardiaMobile Six-Lead Portable ECG Device

It is an AI- and Bluetooth-enabled ECG that records high-quality heart information. It simultaneously records up to six ECG leads and delivers precise readings. With this device, sharing and recording reports is simple. Users may check on their hearts from their smartphones anytime, anyplace thanks to the device’s pocket-size design.

Price: ₹14,999 | Available on Amazon | Flipkart

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7. Contec PM 10 Portable ECG Monitor

The Contec ECG monitor is portable and has an easy-to-use rechargeable battery. The device also guarantees quick results and permits PC software and Bluetooth data transfer to smartphones for data storage. It has a 1.77-inch color display to view results on the device and weighs less than 60 grams.

Price: ₹10,000 | Available on Amazon

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8. Agatsa Sanketlife 2.0 Portable ECG Device

Agatsa Sanketlife 2.0 is one of the smallest and most affordable ECG devices available in the market weighing just 35gm. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and enables on-the-go ECG recording. It can indicate up to 30 bodily anomalies that the heart affects. Additionally, it has cloud connectivity so that users can access data on any device.

Price: ₹2,499 | Available on Amazon

Tell us in the comment section below which portable ECG device you find most suitable!

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