Best Dishwashers to buy in India (January 2023)

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Many of us in India still wash utensils by scrubbing them manually whether it’s our own self or house help, but many modern Indian families are finally switching over to having dishwashers. It is an easy-to-use kitchen appliance that helps to save time and effort while cleaning the dishes to perfection. It is a modern-day product that makes life simpler for homemakers as well as working women of today. In this article, we will dive deep into what dishwashers are, how they are useful, and what factors need to be considered before buying them also list some best dishwashers available to buy in India right now.

What is a Dishwasher?

A dishwasher is a machine that is used to clean dishware, cookware, and cutlery automatically. It cleans by spraying hot water, typically between 45 and 75 degree Celsius at the dishes, with lower temperatures of water used for delicate items.

Types of Dishwashers

There are generally 2 types of Dishwashers available –

Basic Standard Dishwashers- These models get the job done but possess only essential features. They are at the lower end of the price tag and can fit easily within your budget as well as your kitchen counter.

High-End Standard Dishwashers- These under-the-counter models offer a wide range of upscale features to get your dishes as clean as possible. They are at the higher end of the price range, but many of them are value for money.

How is a Dishwasher helpful?

1. Saves Time

In today’s times, there are many families wherein both partners are working. In such a scenario, it comes tough to handle household chores like washing dishes. Getting a portable dishwasher saves you from the hassle of waiting up for your domestic help daily or saves you time if you do the dishes yourself. One can end up saving 1-2 hours on average daily.

2. Saves Water & Electricity

According to studies, dishwashers reduce water consumption by 74% if used frequently. It encourages one to lead a better and more sustainable lifestyle. There are many dishwashers that also cut down on energy consumption.

3. Better Cleanliness

Manual cleaning of dishes will never give you perfect results. The Dishwashers come with certain modes that allow you to get better cleaning.

4. Germ-Free Wash

Water at high temperatures is generally considered ideal for any type of deep cleaning. Using a dishwasher gives you this option as the water can be heated up to 75 degree Celsius which makes sure that the dishes are not only clean on the surface but also super hygienic.

5. Easy Process

The process of using a dishwasher does sound tricky. Whether you get a tabletop dishwasher or portable dishwasher or a classic built-in one, it can be cumbersome to use the first time. But in the long run, using a dishwasher is simpler than standing on the sink for hours.

6. Safe for Dishes

When washing dishes manually, one often slips and breaks pieces of crockery due to soapy hands. Thus to make sure that your expensive crockery is taken care of, dishwashers are a safer bet.

Is a Dishwasher suitable for homes in India?

  1. Some reasons that can be given to illustrate that dishwashers can be suitable for Indian homes are-
  2. Dishwashers come with a considerable capacity which is ideal for larger Indian families. You can upload all the dishes in one go.
  3. Dishwashers come with energy and water saving that might help reduce bills.
  4. Dishwashers come with as many as 12 wash types to cater to all kinds of food stains.
  5. Dishwashers are easy to maintain and ideal for a working family.
  6. Dishwashers need a very small amount of manual involvement.

Factors to Consider before buying a Dishwasher in India

1. Cleaning Performance

This is one of the most important aspects that need to be considered before buying a dishwasher. Nowadays there are lots of dishwashers ranging from cheap to ultra-expensive and many of them will give you the cleaning power you are looking forward to. However, there are quite a lot of extra features that boost this cleaning performance.

Some dishwashers come with a wash sprayer for sports bottles and other types of glasses. There are machines with power spraying cycles to get rid of baked-on grease and foods. These features can increase the cost of the product, so you need to decide if you want them in your dishwasher or not. Out of all the features offered, some might be useful whereas others might not. You need to look for a dishwasher with a good cleaning performance within your budget.

In areas where the water is hard, one needs to look for a dishwasher with water softeners for good cleaning performance. A lot depends on how the user takes care of his/her dishwasher. Make sure your dishwasher is properly installed, and if there are any issues make sure to get them resolved asap. The placement of the dishes inside the dishwasher also has to be correct for a good cleaning.

2. Drying Performance

Cleaning the dishes is only half the job. It is important that your dishwasher dries your dishes well. Imagine if you open your dishwasher and find the dishes to be completely soaked. Won’t it be frustrating if you had to dry each and every dish manually? So, it is important to select a dishwasher that dries equally well. Using a stainless steel tub allows for condensation-based drying that won’t melt plastic or bake on food but will remove moisture perfectly at the end of each cycle. Many budget-friendly dishwashers use a plastic tub that won’t give a good drying performance.

3. Quiet Performance

Noisy dishwashers can be a nuisance if you want to side by side in the kitchen or have guests sitting in the adjoining drawing room. One should always try to choose a dishwasher that makes little or no noise. There are plenty of options available that have a quiet operation. Just check the decibel ratings before buying a dishwasher. Choose a dishwasher that has a decibel level between 44dB to 49dB.

4. Cycles & Options

There are quite a lot of cycles in a dishwasher and all these perform different functions. There are 3 main variables from one cycle to the next-

Cycle duration, water temperature & intensity of the water

Choose a dishwasher with useful cycles, ones that will serve a purpose. The cycles should be enough to cover one’s personal needs. Some popular wash cycles are-

  • Normal cycle– use of stainless steel tub
  • Quick cycle- a one-hour cycle that uses more and higher temperature water for one hour or less.
  • Heavy cycle- this is for heavily soiled dishes that have dry, sticky, baked-on dirt.
  • Auto Cycle- It detects the soil level from the water and decides the washing time, intensity, and heat temperature.
  • Rinse- This is when you put some dishes in the dishwasher and want to wait until it’s fully loaded to run a cycle. It sprays a small amount of water without detergent.
  • Energy saving- this cycle uses less water and energy.
  • China and Crystals-This cycle protects valuable, delicate china and crystal glassware.
  • Sanitization- This is designed to kill bacteria on the dishes by using very high-temperature water.
  • Steam Wash- these cycles are effective on dry soiling.
  • Delay- when you want your dishes to be cleaned when you are not at home, this Delay option will help by setting up starting time.
  • Extra Dry- This cycle involves the heater working at a higher temperature for a longer time to get super dry results.

5. Energy Efficiency

Saving energy is a very important feature needed in a dishwasher. Besides giving an energy star rating, companies provide features like soil-sensing cycles, half-load options, and speed wash or eco-wash cycles to save water as well as energy. Choose the one that provides maximum optimization within your budget.

6. Size of the Dishwasher

Make sure of the space available in your kitchen to install the dishwasher and choose a dishwasher that fits in that space so that you don’t end up purchasing a device that won’t fit in your kitchen.

7. Capacity is crucial

A typical Indian household would need more pots and pans to be accommodated in the dishwasher. Choose the one that has adjustable compartments so that you can fit in extra pots and pans as well. Also, make sure whether the silverware and utensils you are using can fit in or not.

8. Essential Features

Make sure your dishwasher has important features like water filtration, an extra rack, special zones, and an option to select the kind of cycle you want to run. Also, the dishwasher should be easy to install, operate and maintain in the long run.

Now, let us talk about the best dishwashers available to buy in India at the moment-

1. Godrej Eon Dishwasher

Suitable for Indian kitchens and smaller families, the 8-place Godrej Eon Dishwasher is ideal. It comes with 7 wash programs, making it perfect for families with 1-3 members. The filter comes with an antimicrobial feature that protects against germs and bacteria. The wash cycle can be postponed for up to 24 hours. The dishwasher is compact in size, consumes a low amount of water, has a built-in heater, 2 spray levels, easy dish add, silent wash, smart sensors, digital display, elegant design and washes dishes in 3 simple steps. It has a noise level of 49dB and comes in silky silver color. It weighs 26 kg and is available to buy on Amazon for Rs. 19,490.

2. Voltas Beko Table Top Dishwasher ( 8 place settings)

This 8-plate tabletop dishwasher from Voltas saves floor space as it can fit on the kitchen counter. This dishwasher can wash 96 plates at once despite being compact in size. It comes with an intensive setting for a comprehensive cleaning experience. It can elevate water temperature up to 70 degrees Celsius for thorough cleaning of dishes.

The dishwasher can handle a variety of cleaning needs with its 6 wash programs including Normal, Eco, Glass, Care, Clean and Shine, Mini 30, and Intensive. This dishwasher can easily wash dishes in both its upper and bottom racks. It weighs 26.5 kg and has a noise level of 49dB. The dishwasher is available in silver color for Rs. 21,750.

3. IFB Hot Water Wash Dishwasher (12 place settings)

IFB Neptune VX barely affects your water cost because it uses only 9 liters of water per day. The dishwasher comes with a silver finish and a sophisticated control panel and will make your kitchen look better. The gadget not only washes, but steam dries your cutlery. The dishwasher height adjustable notches make it easier to shift the racks and shelves to accommodate different utensil heights. It weighs 17 kg and has a noise level of 52dB. The dishwasher is available on Amazon for Rs. 35,989.

4. Bosch Dishwasher with 13 Place Settings

The Bosch SMS66GW01I 13 Place Setting Dishwasher comes with a separate compartment for spoons, knives, forks, and other cutlery. It comes with Aqua Sensor and Load Sensor functions that can determine how many dishes have been added and how much they have been dirty. The dishwasher can adjust the water volume, rinse speed, and detergent. The dishwasher uses less energy since it has a strong EcoSilence Drive motor, assuring effective operation with little to no wear and tear. It weighs 43.5 kg and comes in a silver inox color. It is available on Amazon for Rs.

5. LG Wi-Fi Dishwasher (14 Place Settings)

The LG DFB532FP 14 Place Setting Dishwasher offers advanced features like TrueSteam technology and QuadWash to ensure optimum coverage and complete cleaning of every dish you place within the tub. The dishwasher can be modified so it can fit more dishes. This dishwasher can be used quietly and effectively and it guarantees that every dish gets the full surface area of boiling water, making the cleaning process hassle-free. It has a flexible racking design and weighs 49 kg. It comes in Platinum silver color for Rs. 52,179.

Shivangi AgarwalShivangi Agarwal
Shivangi is an honours graduate in English from Delhi University with a passion for reading and writing. Always keen to know more about the latest gadgets, when she is not reading about tech, she loves listening to Hindi music and grooving to the latest Hindi beats.

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