Samsung, which is one of the most trusted electronics brands in India, is all set to make it’s consumers’ lives easier. Samsung has launched its new range of Dishwashers with Intensive Wash and Triple Rinse Feature in India. The company claims that the dishwashers aim towards those who are managing household tasks along with working from home. Its claim of killing 99.9% of food bacteria also addresses the hygiene needs of people in today’s times.

The new range of Dishwashers come in Stainless Steel Silver and White Colours and will be available in 3 models-

  • DW60M5042FW – discounted price of Rs. 31,990 (original price- Rs. 39500)
  • DW60M5043FS- discounted price of Rs. 39,990 (original price- Rs. 51,990)
  • DW60M6043FS-discounted price of Rs. 44,990 (original price-Rs. 55,990)

All three models come with 13 place settings to accommodate a large variety of dishes of different sizes in one wash cycle. The Triple Rinse feature makes use of three rinse cycles for improved cleaning.

Samsung Dishwashers Price & Availability

The dishwashers are on sale from today at the starting price of Rs. 31,990 via Samsung’s official store and other online e-commerce platforms. Currently, the dishwashers come with attractive EMIs and cashback offers.

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What does Samsung say?

“Maintaining high standards of hygiene, especially in the kitchen is very important for every Indian household. Our new range of Dishwashers for India has been designed to offer ultimate hygiene, while also being energy and water-efficient. We are confident that our new range will help consumers to upgrade their lifestyles and bring in a new level of convenience, especially in these times when many of them are working from home,” said Raju Pullan, Senior VP, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

Samsung Dishwashers Features

Intensive Wash– These dishwashers are programmed to clean heavily soiled pots, pans, kadhai, and cookers. They claim to remove grease, leftover oil, burnt stains, and baked food from cookware, dishes, and utensils. Utensils are washed at a 70-degree Celsius temperature which is said to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

Auto Release Dry– The Auto Release Door automatically opens at the end of a cycle to circulate air and dries dishes faster. After the rinsing and drying processes are completed, the door automatically opens 10cm to allow steam to escape.

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Stainless Tub- The Stainless-Steel Tub is durable, quieter, and stays cleaner. It transmits less noise and can handle higher temperatures while sterilizing dishes.

A+++ Energy Efficiency- The Dishwashers are certified ENERGY STAR as per European Energy Standards with an A+++ rating. Its consumers lesser energy while functioning.

Fingerprint Resistant Finish- Samsung says that this helps prevent surfaces from becoming covered in bad-looking fingerprints and other marks and smudges.

Wide LED Display- Dishwashers have a large wide LED display that is easy to read. It helps you check the status, settings, remaining time, and cycle progress at a glance, even from a distance.

Smart Leak Sensor- This sensor protects from any water leaks and it immediately stops the cycle, drains the water, and shows an error message if any leakage is detected.

Height Adjustment-This option gives the flexibility to wash large utensils in the dishwasher as the upper rack can be adjusted up and down according to the size of utensils.

Less Noise- It is powered by insulation technology, which makes it silent at 44dB and 52dB sound levels.


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