This Marker-Sized Device Can Take ECGs, Measure Your SpO2 Levels And Temperature At Home

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At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, the French consumer electronics company Withings showcased a revolutionary 4-in-1 “multiscope” device that can track and measure multiple health-related metrics simultaneously. Unlike other gadgets on the market that are usually limited to measuring and recording a particular statistic such as heart rate, blood pressure, weight, etc., this invention can do all these things, and many more, from the comfort of home.

Meet BeamO, The 4-in-1 Compact Multiscope

Meet BeamO, The 4-in-1 Compact Multiscope

The gadget called “BeamO” can measure users’ body temperature via automatic temporal artery detection, perform medical-grade ECG to detect possible cardiovascular issues, and provide blood-oxygen saturation readings. The device can also help visiting doctors or users listen to their hearts and lungs, acting as a digital stethoscope, which helps detect lung wheezing. And while all this might sound normal initially, the device’s size makes it extraordinary.

BeamO Is Roughly The Size Of A Marker Pen

BeamO Is Roughly The Size Of A Marker Pen

Usually, equipment that can measure such health-related vitals is quite sizable, except for pocket-friendly thermometers. In comparison, the BeamO is smaller than a regular smartphone. It’s like a marker but ever so slightly thicker and broader. One can easily hold it in place with one hand, perform the required diagnosis, and put it back in one’s backpack or drawer.

Users Can Keep A Record Of All Their Vitals In The Withings Mobile App

Users Can Keep A Record Of All Their Vitals In The Withings Mobile App

To use the device, users simply have to turn it on, hold it over the forehead, lungs, or heart, and keep it still for a few moments until it takes the required readings. The device then sends its data to the Withing mobile app via Wi-Fi. Then, the app will store all the readings and help users understand what it means, possible disorders, and other related advice.

The Withings app will support up to eight user profiles, implying that as many as eight people can measure and store their vitals in the app and review them at any given point. Last but not least, users can also connect BeamO with Apple’s Health app for a seamless experience.

Here’s When The Device Will Launch And What It Will Cost

Here's When The BeamO Will Launch And What It Will Cost

Moreover, BeamO is one of the most promising health-related gadgets that have come out recently, simply because not everyone likes to wear bulky smartwatches on their wrist or tight straps around their arms or chest, especially adults. Although the device hasn’t received FDA approval, it should before its launch in June 2024. BeamO will debut for $249.95 per device.

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