YouTube is Adding More Ads on the Platform

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YouTube has been gaining more types and formats of ads ever since. It is pushing you to more ads unless you pick YouTube Premium. With that being said, a new ad format has been spotted on YouTube dubbed as ‘Pause Ads’.

Get Ready For More Ads on YouTube

Google is currently testing ‘Pause Ads’ that appear on TVs as a part of the initial test followed by a wide rollout soon. What does pause ads on YouTube mean, you’d ask? Turns out this new ad property swings into action when a user pauses any video they are watching. Once paused, the video screen shrinks and the other part of the screen is covered by yet another ‘ad’. 

YouTube is tagging this as a ‘less invasive’ ad on the platform that users can dismiss easily when they resume a video. For the uninitiated, the pause ads are banners with no sound or movements which is probably why it has received acclaim from test audiences. Of course, it adds to the flurry of ads discussed later in this story.

According to Philipp Schindler of Google, the pause ads were part of initial tests across connected TVs. These ads kick in whenever a user pauses a video. It remains to be seen if these ads become widely available or limited to a subset of users/regions and just for connected TVs.

The video streaming giant has been pushing a lot of ads on its platform lately. For instance, the latest move comes when YouTube replaced two 15-second ads with a single 30-second non-skippable ad. Currently, the platform is too saturated with ads left and right as you can see them on the platform, in search results, before/during/after videos, as well as banner ads that swing into action while the video is playing. Adding pause ads adds another layer of ads that YouTube could use to leverage its dominance in the advertising segment and of course, add chaos for users trying to hurtle through waves of ads that hit them regularly.

One of the ways around is to use ad blockers and adblocking apps although YouTube has been cracking down on the same as well. You can still bypass everything legally simply by getting YouTube Premium although that means paying for the platform every month to steer clear of such ads.

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