YouTube extends crackdown on ad-blocking third-party apps

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YouTube is cracking down on ad blockers and every other service that lets you bypass the ‘irritating’ ads. Turns out the latest blow comes from the video-sharing giant as it announced a widespread anti-ad blocker policy that spans across third-party apps.

For now, YouTube is grappling with ad-blocking apps such as AdGuard that violate the Terms of Service. You can still use these ad-blocking apps but expect buffering issues when playing the videos or you could see an error message suggesting that the content is not available on this app.

YouTube has billions of users spread across the globe. Ads are a way to keep the website active and alive as billions of people watch tens of billions of videos every day. Bypassing ads affects not just YouTube but rather the creator community which relies on ad revenue that maintains a steady flow of income. It also affects billions of other users who use YouTube as a free video streaming playback daily.

You can still bypass ads by subscribing to YouTube Premium which delivers an ad-free experience to its users. Subscribe to its free trial to decide whether you want to go through with it or stick to regular YouTube.

Google-owned video streaming platform has been trying to crack down on ads forever. It started an experiment last year cracking down on ad-blockers before leading a widespread approach extending to browser extension on the web version and now, it has mandated ad-blocking apps/services.

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