What is TikTok? Well, I hope you aren’t looking for a TikTok explainer in 2020. BytesDance-owned TikTok has clearly been the app of 2019. This social video sharing platform allows users to record, edit 15-60 seconds clips and add music, filters, special effects, animation, etc. from its ever-expanding library.

The app has been a global phenomenon for people from different age groups and the TikTok obsession has even transitioned to professional, well-followed users who are widely addressed as TikTok influencers. In various towns and cities, people have even created TikTok spots.

What’s needed to make awesome videos on TikTok?

Well, in our option, a good set of cameras that do justice to your creativity should suffice.  But of course, a bigger screen, sufficient battery, a powerful chipset, and a dash of personality (debatable) should also weigh in. For all budding stars who are obsessed with this video sharing social app, we have curated a list of best phones for TikTok video recording.

Best Camera phones for TikTok in the premium segment in India

1. iPhone 11 Pro

Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are currently the best phones for recording videos. Both of these phones include triple rear cameras and each sensor is capable of recording 4K footage.

There’s no change in colors, lighting, detail and dynamic range while switching between these sensors which gives you more freedom to try versatile shot compositions. The image stabilization in these new iPhones is top-notch and will let you record smooth footage even handheld. The selfie camera also is capable of delivering excellent video quality. 

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung’s 2019 flagship – the Galaxy Note 10+ (review) also possesses an excellent set of cameras with optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization. Best video results can be achieved with primary 12MP regular-wide angle thanks to Dual Pixel PDAF and OIS. Users may also use the telephoto lens or the ultra-wide-angle lens to add a different perspective to their TikTok videos.

If slow-motion is your thing, the Galaxy Note 10 is right up amongst the top phones. It can capture ‘slomos’ at 720p@960fps, or 1080p@240fps. The Galaxy Note 10 is also capable of recording HDR10+ videos.

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3. OnePlus 7T

OnePlus phones might not be in the same league as the likes of Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy flagships in terms of camera quality but they have created a distinct place for themselves. OnePlus 7T (review) is one such phone with a decent set of cameras that offers a great value for your money.

The OnePlus 7T offers 4K video recording support in 30 and 60fps with 48MP primary wide sensor and 12MP telephoto sensors. With the ultra-wide sensor, users are allowed to record only 1080p videos. OnePlus also allows you to shoot up to 960fps Super Slow-motion clips. The phone captures vivid colors with a good amount of detail with a comparatively smooth motion.

4. Asus 6Z

This is one phone camera that seems to be tailor-made for Tiktok lovers. The Asus 6Z (review) has a motorized flip camera that gives you the flexibility to use the same dual-camera setup as both rear and selfie camera.

In terms of video capabilities, the 6Z is capable of recording 4K videos up to 60fps. TikTok creates can take advantage of a motion-tracking feature that tracks users and adjust camera according. With EIS it takes fairly stable videos.

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5. Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (review) is a phone that should meet the needs of TikTok creators restricted by a budget. With 64MP sensor taking the lead, the Redmi Note 8 Pro’s quad rear camera setup manages to record decent videos. 

For those who prefer to shoot TikTok videos with selfie camera, they can record full HD videos at 30fps with Redmi Note 8 Pro’s 20MP front camera. 

6. Motorola One Action

Motorola One Action is another affordable phone that prioritizes videos. The triple rear camera arrangement has a dedicated 16MP ultra-wide camera for videos.

The One Action (review) ultra-wide camera allows users to record landscape videos while holding the phone in portrait orientation. As for selfie videos, the One Action has a 12MP sensor that can record 4K videos. 

7. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (Upcoming)

Xiaomi will start 2020 with a bang. The Mi Note 10 – the first 108MP camera phone – is expected to launch in India really soon. It will be the first smartphone to come with a 100MP camera in India. The 108MP sensor led Penta-camera setup of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will let you capture videos up to 4K@30fps and 1080p@60fps. 

The Mi Note 10 primary rear camera has 4-axis optical stabilization and EIS that makes it a good choice for video recording, and consequently for Tiktok. 

8. Jianguo Pro 3

The Jianguo Pro 3 is the odd one in this list, especially since it is only available in China. However, since this is a phone made by Tiktok owner ByteDance itself, it did deserve a mention. Surprisingly the phone doesn’t offer much in terms of TikTok integration. All you get is the option to directly jump into TikTok from the lock screen. 

The Jianguo Pro 3 lists high-end specs, including Snapdragon 855 Plus octa-core processor, a 48MP sensor led quad-rear cameras, a 20MP selfie camera and a 4000mAh battery. 

Best phones for recording TikTok Videos 

These are some of the best phones you may buy if you are really into TikTok. We have tried to cover a wide price gamut so you may choose whatever fits your budget. 


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