These days, a smartphone is more of a world in itself, rather than just a device to call people that it was originally meant to be. And when you start doing more of things on your phone, you will often find the need to efficiently switch between apps for better productivity. After all, that’s a crucial area where PCs make themselves relevant. But your Android phones could be pretty deft at multitasking as well.

To make it simpler, we found some great apps that would make scuttling between different applications a breeze:

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Circle Sidebar


As the name suggests, the app allows the user to fiddle through various apps through a circular-ish bar that pops up at the right-hand side. The app lets you easily customize it and control the content as well. You can also control the size, position and sensitivity of the circular sidebar according to your needs and requirements.


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Bar launcher


Bar Launcher is another app that helps save a great deal of time by allowing users to cruise between different Apps using their phone’s notification shade only. You need not fret and can just select the apps you want to be featured up there while configuring the app. This particularly works well with compact phones.


EAS: Easy App Switcher


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One of the USPs of the EAS is its ability to let you switch between the last two apps that you opened with just a single touch. The app adds a floating icon to your display, whose transparency and size you can select as per your will. Another of its features include an ‘exclusion list’ – on which you can place those apps that you do not want to get opened by the switcher button. The EAS also lets the users go through a list of some recently by maneuvering a bubble which you can place anywhere as per your convenience.


Tiny Apps


Tiny Apps contains as many as 18 floating ‘mini’ apps that you that overlay upon any other app that you opened. You can increase or decrease the size these apps as per your will and needs. Although you may not prefer certain mini apps or the stock ones, but a few are pretty useful and come in handy.


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Finger Gesture Launcher


If you have way too many apps on your phone and find it extremely and often find yourself switching to apps that you don’t frequently use, this app can be a huge help. With the Finger Gesture Launcher, you can easily shift through various apps by tracing a gesture onto the phone’s screen. You get to set a different gesture for each app, thereby minimizing mismanagement or confusion.



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