Microsoft sells Nokia feature phone business

Android Pie has started making its way to some of the flagship smartphones this year. One of the novel features of this new OS version is Digital Wellbeing. This feature basically allows you to keep a tab over your smartphone usage. This feature will help people who are constantly indulged in social networking applications. This feature is only available to Pixel devices as of now and it might take sometime before it’s passed on to other devices.

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Microsoft Launcher – Digital Health

The new feature of Microsoft Launcher called Digital Health, allows you to track the apps you use and calculate the time for which you use them. It even keeps count of the number of times you unlock your mobile. You get a comprehensive list of all the apps with the information on your total screen on time and the break down between each app in descending order. You also get a graph showing the time-based usage pattern.

This latest update has also integrated To-do lists and sticky notes into the launcher so that you can quickly access data from these apps without having to open them. One more interesting addition to the launcher is the integration of “Hey Cortana”. The windows AI assistant can now be easily accessed even from Android devices. With the Windows mobile platform going nowhere, it is good to see Microsoft embracing Android and trying to provide new features to Android users through its launcher.

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This new update is highly useful to users having mobile phones with earlier Android versions as Digital Wellbeing of Google will be available only on smartphones running Android Pie whereas this Microsoft launcher supports even Android Jellybean 4.2. So this update helps in taking this feature to the masses and ensures that everyone gets a whiff of tracking their smartphone usage.


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