After Instagram, instant messaging giant Whatsapp too seems to have gone the Snapchat way as it has introduced a new feature called Whatsapp Status that allows the users to upload photos and videos for their contacts to see.

This is an OTA update and the users need not go looking for an update over Google Play Store or App Store as it has already gone live on the app itself.

The Whatsapp status will now cease to exist as a text-based thing but rather be visually and/or textually active.

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While on iOS, the tabs are placed as Status – Calls – Camera – Chats – Settings after the update, the Android order is Camera – Chats – Status – Calls.

Coming to its working, the newest Whatsapp feature seems to be heavily inspired by Snapchat and works pretty much the same way.

To update a status, you just have to open the status tab, and tap on the broken circle after which you can take or upload a photograph and, upon long-press, even a video too (too soon to throwback to Snapchat?).


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Just as it was before the update, you still get to select who can see your status and who can’t. While iOS has its privacy option (replete with three choices – “my contacts,” “contacts except…” and “only share with…) right on the top, Android users intending to do the same will have to go the settings to do, wherein they’ll be able to see the Privacy option.

Similar to Snapchat, you can keep a count as how many people have viewed your story. For this, you will need to tap the eye icon at the bottom of the Status update.

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The update also gives one the chance to reply to someone else’s Status, which will be in the chat with the Status attached as a thumbnail.

You’ll get to know who in your contact list has posted a Status just by having a look below yours on the Status tab (the name will appear along with a blue tick, if someone has done so).

Mind you, these Statuses will only appear for a time period of 24 hours, after which they will disappear.

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Well, Whatsapp has indeed taken a cue from Snapchat for sure, but given the fact that it has way more users than the former, it could potentially overtake it no time.


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