Whatsapp Status Video download

Whatsapp rolled out the Status feature back in February of 2017. It is a borrowed feature from Instagram, which in turn picked it from Snapchat. And just like its sister apps and Snapchat, Whatsapp doesn’t allow you to download the image or video posted as the status directly. But, there are workarounds, especially in the Android arena.

The trick we are sharing here is Super Simple and doesn’t involve any third-party app or root access. So, without any fluff, let’s get into the procedure. Simply follow the steps as given below:

WhatsApp Status download: Here how you can save Whatsapp status using Files by Google

Source: Play Store

1. First of all, you need to have a File Manager that can display hidden files (which is most file managers). If you’re unsure, go download Google Files from the Play Store.

Whatsapp Status video download
Google Files App main page

2. Open the app and click on the menu icon at the top left corner in the app. Alternatively, you could slide open the menu drawer from the left-hand side. Now, tap on the “Settings”.

Whatsapp Status video download
Google Files Go settings

3. Now, turn on the “show hidden files” toggle within the settings menu.

Whatsapp Status video download

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4. Now come back to the main page and tap on the Internal Storage option at the bottom.

Whatsapp Status video download
Inside Whatsapp folder

5. Scroll and Find the WhatsApp folder. Open it and you will see the Media folder.

Whatsapp Status video download
Google Files Go Media folder

6. Here, you’ll see a “.Statuses” folder. Open it.

Whatsapp Status video download
Whatsapp Statuses Folder (hidden by default)

7. Voila! All the status videos and images that you have viewed in the past 24 hours are present in the folder. Now, you can view them, copy and save them somewhere else.

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Whatsapp Status video download
Whatsapp hidden statuses folder in OnePlus File Manager

We tried this procedure in our OnePlus default File manager application and it worked without any issue. So, go try it out in either Google Files app or in your native file explorer.

Alternatively, you can install an app called Status Saver to download the whatsapp statuses on your phone.

Here’s how you can Download Whatsapp statuses using Status Saver

  1. First, Download Status Saver from Play Store.
  2. It will show you all the status you have seen so far.
  3. Tap on the image or video that you wish to download and tap on the Save icon.
  4. The saved media will be stored in the internal storage of the phone.

If you wish to share the media as your own status, you can access the saved photos and videos from internal storage. 

Please note: Whatsapp and other social media apps do not let you download status and story videos and images to protect the user/uploader’s privacy. So, do inform a person if and when you’re saving/downloading/sharing their WhatsApp Status videos or photos.


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