Top 5 Best Android Apps To Try in February 2024

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In a touristic analogy, the Google Play Store is akin to Dubai and the apps are all the attractions, the islands, and the points of interest that you can visit. Of course, the choices are usually beyond your comprehension which means it is simply impossible to visit each of these POIs. The world feeling is when you miss that must-visit attraction. 

Well, that’s where we come in. Every month, we come up with amazing apps you must try and this is the February 2024 edition where we’ve introduced five amazing apps right from shared expense tracker to phone screen recording to easy scheduling for meetings and beyond. Here’s how you can use these apps to make your daily life joyous.


Sharing expenses with others? Tracking the expenses daily becomes a wholesome task but only if you could use an app to sort this problem. Well, Splitwise comes to your rescue. Once installed, you can invite your favorite to join your group (or groups) and track expenses on a shared basis. The app lets you check where you paid where you borrowed and how much you or others owe you in a simplified manner. 

The app lets you track every nitty-gritty expense and track ‘em, check out expenses and charts, settle up balances, remind others to pay you, and more. Splitwise is a worthy app if you are living with your family or friends in India or abroad as it just makes shared expenses a transparent affair. Give it a try and you will thank the app for its existence.

Download: Splitwise



Recording your phone’s screen may not be something people would use regularly, however, it is a must feature. Be it a presentation, product demo, showcasing an email right between a call or you want to announce something on your phone’s screen, or capture what’s on the screen with a webcam feed to it, Loom is an app for everything. 

The app captures the screen, microphone, camera, and internal audio too. It generates a link upon saving the recordings to the cloud making it a piece of cake to share across. The app already has 14 million plus users which goes on to show just how many people are asynchronously using it. Loom has a web app that allows editing and trimming the recordings. 

Download: Loom


Setting up meetings between multiple participants can be a daunting task. No-shows and constant back-and-forth make it difficult to set up a meeting. However, Doodle makes it easier. With Doodle, you can share a link where people can mention their preferred time for appointments and availability. Once you have the availability, you can create events with group pools and 1:1s, and add video conferencing details, and locations, among others. 

You can make the invites time-limited so that whoever responds first gets the appointments. It automatically syncs with your calendar so you are aware of upcoming events without any hassle. It’s literally that simple. 

Download: Doodle

Micro Gesture

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get basic or daily tasks on your phone automated? With Micro Gesture, you can set it to perform certain tasks based on stimuli such as rotating the phone to perform a said function. You can modify motion sensitivity based on your preference. You can add upon 12 gestures based on rotation at various axes – X, Y, and Z-axis. 

The app also supports automation scripts that you can use to direct any applications to emulate certain actions. It has built-in actions including but not limited to simulated tap, lock screen, Bluetooth, screenshot, and launch apps, among others. 

Download: Micro Gesture


Something that social media apps have taught us is to scroll endlessly into the abyss. It’s something you can use to get new wallpapers for your phone. The Tapet Wallpapers Generator, as the name suggests, is a random (or hourly or daily) wallpaper generator that brings the best-quality wallpapers for your phone. The best thing about Tapet is, that everything happens on your device and you get a tailor-made wallpaper every time you hit the go.

Get your hands on images with a mesmerizing parallax effect or go for exciting patterns that bring joy to your faces. Get wallpapers hourly or daily and we ensure that no wallpapers are generated twice. Call that amazing and you won’t be wrong, right? Irony!

Download: Tapet

Wrapping Up!

Looks like we are at the end of our take on ‘Top 5 Best Android Apps To Try in February 2024’. I hope using any of these apps makes some difference in your day-to-day activities including keeping track of how much you spent/borrowed or lent, recording your phone’s screen, as well as checking out availability for meetings and more. Let us know if there’s any other app that you found off the better track that’s worth sharing. 

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