Top 5 Best iOS Apps You Must Try in January 2024

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Even if you are a seasoned iOS user, I bet you wouldn’t have used more than 100-odd apps in your lifetime. It is because we are essentially trapped in the ‘mostly used’ and ‘mostly downloaded’ apps so much that we forget there are more than 2.5 million apps on the App Store. We decided to curate a list of the best iOS apps you’d try each month and this is the January 2024 edition that includes an app music to the public’s ears, an AI app to do it all, an expense tracker, and a few others in the mix.

Swipefy for Spotify

If you are a music enthusiast and would rather spend the day listening to your favorite tunes than do anything else, Swipefy is for you. It works similar to Tinder but for music. Once you integrate it with your Spotify account, you can 30 seconds previous of the songs before listening in. Swipe left and the music goes away, swipe right and it is automatically added to your Spotify allowing the recommendation engine to update your music preferences. It can’t get any easier, right?

Choosing what to listen to and what not to fuel the Spotify algorithm and Swipefy lets you do just that with a flick of the finger. Moreover, the app is completely free making it a to-go choice if you are truly enthusiastic about your Spotify playlists. 

Download: Swipefy for Spotify

AI Chatbot Nova

ChatGPT by OpenAI is good but what if you are looking for an alternative with even more features? AI Chatbot Nova is an AI conversational app built on GPT-4 and PaLM 2. It allows users to converse with the AI keeping the latest data in mind. It can generate human-like responses, supports 140+ languages, can remember history, and comes cross-compatible with other OSes.

Nova lets you work with AI without any daily quota limits. The app puts forward user-friendly responses to your queries that you can either ask or use its built-in prompts to get creative responses accordingly. No doubt we had to list the AI app in this month’s edition.

Download: AI Chatbot Nova


If you have unlimited income sources, you would seldom track your expenses but not everyone belongs to that income group, right? Spendee is an excellent budgeting app that lets you view all your expenses as it records them automatically, puts them into categories as per settings, and finds out how much you have spent daily and monthly. 

You can set a budget to cut back on costs to track where you are headed this month. You can check out infographics and detailed graphs that help you get a picture of how you are spending and where. There’s also a dark mode if you will. Other features you’d like on Spendee are shared finances between multiple partners, multiple currencies, web version, and secured data sync to name a few.

Download: Spendee


If you are into photo editing and looking for a powerful app on your iPhone, I don’t think the list would be complete without listing Snapseed. The powerful app offers an arsenal of 29 tools and filters including HDR, Perspective, Healing, etc. You can crop, rotate, add lens blur, change tonal contrast, tune images, and add filters such as grunge or noir and still, there will be more things to do with the app.

Download: Snapseed by Google


If you are into cryptocurrencies, you’d like Mudrex. It is an crypto-investing app that offers 350+ coins and tokens from BTC to ETH to Neo and beyond. You can also invest in its ‘Coin Sets’ which is a portfolio of multiple coins and tokens based on a theme giving you a much resilient front in terms of P&L.

The app comes with two-factor authentication making it difficult for intruders to get access to your account. There’s multi-sig technology, cold storage for funs among with regular security audits that keeps Mudrex secure. It also supports UPI payment making it absolute delight to use.

Download: Mudrex

Wrapping Up!

As usual, we have concluded our pick of the best 5 iOS Apps that you must try this month. Of course, you might find these apps extremely useful in all scenarios or just a few but at the end of the day, the listicle is entitled to educate the readers about the treasures of the App Store that are almost forgotten or used by a subset of users. 

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