6G Speeds hit 100Gbps in test, 500 times than average 5G data speeds

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5G has been around for a long time enabling blazing-fast downloads and uploads and beyond. 5G speeds could reach a theoretical limit of 20Gbps but that seems dwarf if you compare it with 6G speeds. A 6G demo test performed by a consortium in Japan reached download data speeds of 100 Gbps. As the figures suggest, it is 5 times what peak 5G could offer and 500x faster than what our 5G smartphones are capable of reaching.

Download speed of 100 Gbps may seem perplexing for many, however, consider you are watching a 2-hour-long Netflix movie streaming at medium quality with an average size of 1.5GB. When using 6G to download this movie, it would be possible to download 8 to 9 such Netflix movies every second (again, every second that has 100 milliseconds). The speed mentioned above is incomprehensible for average users who might not even have reached peak 5G speeds using handsets available today.

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The consortium consists of four major organizations – Fujitsu, NTT Corporation, NEC Corporation, and DOCOMO, who have been researching the next-gen 6G technology since 2021. According to their statement, the 6G demo test was performed in Japan where the tests reached ultra-high high-speeds of 100 Gbps between 100 GHz and 300 GHz bands. Moreover, the transmissions were successfully done at a distance of up to 100 meters.

Having extremely fast 6G speeds could enable us to operate autonomous vehicles that require a real-time latency-free connection. The medical field can take advantage of speedy 6G connections to perform remote operations with millimeter precision. These are just two of the thousands of other applications 6G could help facilitate that 5G or 4G would fail drastically. 

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Of course, running these 6G tests doesn’t mean the next-generation wireless connection technology is right around the corner. The consortium and OEMs will have to understand the mechanics of how to facilitate the 6G network across cities and develop gadgets that could support such advanced architecture. 6G does hold the potential to accomplish things that are simply incomprehensible with 4G or 5G at the moment, however, there are also a lot of hurdles that require ironing before the tech finally rolls out in future devices. 

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