Apple Removes the Chargers from the New iPad Pros in the EU and the UK

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So Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ wrapped up a couple of hours ago, and we now have the complete details of the new iPad Air, iPad Pro, the new Magic Keyboard, and the Apple Pencil Pro. One notable detail that has left everybody buzzing is Apple’s decision to remove the chargers from the boxes of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models in the EU and the UK. 

This is not the first time Apple has removed chargers or adapters from its boxes. The iPhone 12 was the first Apple product to ship without a charger in the box. Apple claims that this move is aimed at “saving” the environment.

iPad Pro Box Contents in the EU and the UK

What does it mean to the average consumer? This change means that EU and UK customers will now receive only the iPad Pro or iPad Air and a USB-C charging cable in the box, without the charger.

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Saving the Environment?

While Apple claims its rationale for this move is to reduce e-waste and help protect the environment, you can argue that this decision may not necessarily achieve its goal. Most iPad users are students who don’t have an iPhone or a spare adapter, so they’ll end up buying a charger separately anyway. One goal that this would actually achieve is increasing Apple’s profits.

iPad Air Box Contents in the EU and the UK

Including a charger with the iPad is a better choice for the environment and the consumers (not for Apple) since buyers can also use that charger to charge their iPhones and other devices, reducing the need for an additional charger.

Plus, removing the charger from the box means that customers in the EU and the UK who purchase a new iPad will now need to buy a separate charger, which will require additional packaging and shipping, potentially offsetting any environmental benefits gained from removing the charger from the box.

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Apple Is Not the Only One…

In Apple’s defense, it’s not the only company that has removed chargers from its products. Following the removal of chargers on the iPhone 12, Samsung quickly removed them from its smartphones and tablets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from the EU, the UK, the US, or anywhere in the world; you wouldn’t get a charger with a Samsung tablet.

iPad Air Box Contents in the US and India

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Finally, this move by Apple has sparked debate among consumers and environmental advocates. Some applaud the company’s efforts to reduce e-waste. In contrast, others question this decision’s practicality and environmental impact, and the latter seems to be the majority.

What do you think about Apple’s decision to remove chargers from the boxes of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air in the EU and the UK? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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