iPad Users: Here’s What the New EU Rules Mean for You

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The European Union has extended its Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules to include iPadOS, following earlier compliance requirements for iOS. The DMA mandates that Apple allows side-loading of apps and the uninstallation of more preloaded apps, including Apple’s own apps. This move aligns with the EU’s goal of fostering a more competitive digital ecosystem and giving users more control over their devices.

Previously, the iPhone was among the gateway products required to comply with the DMA, leading to iOS allowing side-loading and app store choice for users in the EU. Now, the EU’s attention has turned to iPads, with a six-month compliance window provided to Apple. 

The deadline for compliance is before the release of iPadOS 18 in September 2024, giving Apple time to implement the necessary changes. Failure to comply with the EU’s DMA rules could result in a significant financial penalty for Apple, amounting to 10% of its global revenue. 

EU lawmakers have defined “gatekeeper” companies as those with a turnover exceeding €75 billion Euros (approximately $81.7 billion US) and at least 45 million monthly active users in the EU. Apple falls into this category, making it mandatory for the company to comply with DMA rules. While iOS has already been subjected to these regulations, iPadOS is now the EU’s next target.

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The EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has emphasized the importance of adding iPadOS to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) to ensure fairness among consumers. Android tablets already allow side-loading via APKs and alternate app stores, making it logical for iPadOS to follow suit. She noted that iPadOS serves as a crucial gateway for many companies to reach their customers.

In response to the EU’s move, Apple has filed a lawsuit against the EU, arguing that certain DMA rules contradict their policies and could make devices more vulnerable to security threats. Apple expressed concerns that side-loading could jeopardize user data security.

Apple has already started complying with EU’s DMA rules; they’ve allowed users to choose their default browsers, install apps from third-party app stores, and use game emulators, for the first time on an iPhone. How Apple reacts to the iPadOS being included in the DMA remains to be seen. What are your thoughts on the EU forcing Apple to comply with these consumer-friendly laws? Share them in the comments section below.

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