Top 5 Best Android Apps You Must Try in January 2024

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The beginning of a new year is always special. Some set resolutions for health to follow during the new year while others are resolute for wealth, better productivity, work and life balance, travel, and the list goes on. We took it upon ourselves to make your life a tad bit easier and here’s how. We have listed below 5 best AI Android apps that you must try this month that will help you get your job done faster and without any hassle.



We had to list it because it is truly a marvelous app to use. It’s the app that opened floodgates for many people to use generative AI on their desktops and now on their smartphones. ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot that can answer all your questions in a natural tone. Do note that if you are using its free version, the information may be outdated by a few months. But even then, the app is still a goldmine to use depending upon your prompt. You can get ChatGPT to do everything from writing marketing copies to stories to tailored advice and beyond. 

ChatGPT also has voice inputs should you feel comfortable using your voice instead of words. You can unlock a tonne of advanced features by subscribing to ChatGPT Plus including various types of content. Trust us, you won’t regret using ChatGPT.

Download: ChatGPT



If you are preparing for English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS and want to improve your pronunciation skills, ELSA is an app for you. The app uses deep artificial intelligence and voice recognition that records your voice, runs the AI to analyze it, and presents feedback in real-time using visual cues. 

The app brings everything from a dictionary of works to the accuracy of spoken works, video lectures for guidance, and more. All the lessons are divided into bite-size pieces that make it easier to learn while giving real-time feedback and recommendations. No doubt the app already has 56Mn downloads on Play Store alone.

Download: ELSA



Jotting down important points and pointers during a lecture or a meeting may get you all caught up. If you are someone who wants to jot down points to get to later, Otter is an app for you. It uses AI to master the art of recording audio and transcribing it in real time. You can use Otter to record meetings, lectures, interviews, webinars and you name it.

The app uses machine learning and AI to its advantage recording audio coming from different people in the same meeting room. The AI works by breaking paragraphs, punctuating, capitalizing, identifying speakers, and generating summaries. The app is a great asset when transcribing live events that you can get back later. Otter offers search and playback features, edit and highlight, organize and effort, and much more to its benefits.

Download: Otter.AI

Google Lens

Google Lens

You are using an Android and you deserve something that’s simply as powerful as your phone, right? Google Lens is an AI too that lets you translate language from A to B with just a click. Google already has a repository of hundreds of languages which means you won’t be left to dry given its prowess. Use Google Lens to identify animals, plants, birds, or shopping as you can simply click and search for stuff online.

It can read barcodes and QR so that you can take actions while within the app. Check out menus and scour the world through Google Lens, your one-stop AI solution to discover everything. Moreover, it is accurate given the fact that Google (the search engine giant) powers it along with the underlying ML and AI that makes it better than many similar apps.

Download: Google Lens

Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google

Another Silicon Valley project that can turn eyes is Socrative by Google. Powered by Google AI, the app is aimed at helping students complete their homework. The app lets you hold your phone’s viewfinder take photos and generate instant answers. It’s that easy, isn’t it?

The app is engineered to help you in subjects such as history, English, maths, chemistry, biology, and more. This educational app supports both textual and voice input whichever you find better in resolving your queries. You can check out WolframAlpha if you want an app to handle advanced queries as well.

Download: Socratic by Google

Wrapping Up!

That’s a wrap from our end. These were some of the AI apps on the Google Play Store we found for January 2024 that you must try. As usual, we will be bringing 5 best apps every month so stay tuned. You can also fill in your suggestions in the comments so that if it’s worthy enough, we will feature it in next month’s edition.

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