One of the best ways to break Android phone monotony is to experiment with a new launcher. There are numerous competent launcher apps available on Android that can customize your home screen – the element of UI that you interact with the most – in meaningful ways.

The Go Launcher is one such option that’s known for its extensive theme support. There are numerous paid and free Go Launcher themes available in the play store which makes it a perfect launcher for people who like to frequently refresh their phone’s interface. Here are some of the best Go launcher themes that you can download on your phone.

How to apply Go Launcher Themes

You can download Go Launcher themes directly from play store, but its better if you apply them from within the app (otherwise, these themes are quite prone to crashes).


To do so, swipe up on the Go launcher home screen and select themes. Switch to the Downloaded tab by clicking on the download icon in the corner. If a theme is paid, you can earn coins using promotional excercises and activate them.

1. Fire

Fire is a gorgeous theme designed around a phonenix rising from fire. The Icon pack is equally beatiful and should appeal to any one with a panache for fantasy fiction. The theme balances fire and embers subtly with dark shades and is one that you must try.


2. Blue Crystal

There are several crystal themes available for Go launcher and we particularly sided with this one from If you aren’t fond of crystals, this could feel a bit overwhelming, but if you are, you will appreciate the wallpaper, glittering icon pack, and stylish font. The theme enjoys a 4.6-star rating on Google Play store.


3. Skate

If you are looking for something funky, Skate Go Launcher theme is an option. This theme has a very interesting icon pack with matching hip icons for popular apps like default dialer, messaging app, Facebook, Camera, Gmail, etc.


4. Steam age

If you are looking for a retro theme, Steam age should appeal to your taste. The theme predominantly uses brown color and also has a matching weather budget. The matching icon pack includes artifacts from steamships.


5. We Are Young

We are young is for people who like funky graffiti based themes. The artisting theme and the icon pack that tags along is certainly unique. It should appeal to young and those young at heart.


6. Dia de los Muertos

If you are looking for something eccentric, this could work. Dia de los Muertos translates as Day of the dead and is a festival celebrated in Mexico and other hispanic regions every year. That’s what the theme is based on and that should explains the morbid touch.


7. Chocolate

Well, who doesn’t love chocolate? Actually many don’t. Eitherways, if you plan on savoring your chocolaty mood, this specific theme should make perfect sense. Besides a sumptuous wallpaper, you get a mouthwatering desert icon pack and a matching font to go with it. Go ahead and try it for free.


8. Love

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and you might be looking for the perfect theme to suit the occasion. Love from is one theme that should work just fine. It celebrates love with some bling and the overall effect is quite pleasing.


9. Broken Glass Parallax

This is a 3D theme and creates an illusion of broken touch glass. The secondary design element used is broken glass and that’s what the icons are molded after. Since this is a 3D theme, you get added motion effects too.


10. Blue Luxury

Blue Luxury is one of the most revered themes for Go Launcher that enjoys a 4.7-star rating on Google play store. Apart from the striking wallpaper, you get to relish a beautiful icon pack – all tinged with blue.


11. Tranquility 3d

This is another 3D wallpaper representing a tranquil country setting. A hummingbird, clear blue sky, and an open field with some added motion effects is something that should appeal to a broad audience. Of course, there is a custom wallpaper to go along with the wallpaper.


12. Emotion

Emotion is a cute emoji based romantic theme. The icon pack uses emojis to descripe and represent all popular apps. For instance, a face with a broad smile is used for the Facebook app. The theme feels like a refreshing change of pace.


13. Fire Skull

Fire Skull is a spooky theme with some 3D motion effects and a matching wall paper. It is a suitable option for people looking for a palatable dark go launcher theme. You can download it for free.


14. Gold Butterfly

As the name suggests, this theme is an overdose of gold but its tactfully done. This would go nicely with a gold color phone and is meant for anyone who finds gold color fascinating.


15. Water Drops

This theme uses water droplets to represent popular app and other icons. You can also separately download a matching Drops keyboard to further customize it. The overall effect is soothing.


16. Colorful White

This is a sober Go Launcher theme that doesn’t get in the way. The icon pack and wallpapers are predominantly white and well designed. This is a paid theme that you can apply using Go Launcher credits.


Best New Go Launcher Themes to use in 2018

These are some of the best new Go Launcher themes that we have handpicked. There are numerous other options available that might appeal to your specific taste. You can browse through the Go Launcher store to scroll through new options that developers keep adding.

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