Nova Launcher is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to Android. The third-party launcher offers endless options to customize your home screen, widgets, folders, animation, app drawer, and much more.

However, the launcher has its shortcoming too. Nova’s both free and the prime version lacks themes – it has pretty much a static setup, as compared to other launchers which have themes option within the app or a separate theme store.

Well, the good part here is that you can now customize and add themes. But, the process of doing that is sometimes very tiresome and time-consuming. So, we decided to do the hard work for you and bring some of the best combinations that will look good on your the Nova Launcher.

Let’s cut the chase and jump straight to the 10 best themes that you can use with your Nova Launcher.

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Blue Wall Nova Launcher Theme

If you are in awe with blue color, then you can use this theme in your Nova Launcher. The theme uses the blue wall in the background combined with Moonshine icons so that your phone bleeds blue.

How to get this theme?

Wallpaper: Wallrox (All in one: Blue Wall)

Icons: Moonshine

Nova Settings: Desktop>> Icon and Size – white; Dock background- Arc; App & widgets Background- Blue(you can add transparency, accordingly); Icon color- Black.

Black and White Nova Launcher Theme

If you feel like going retro with your smartphone, you can try this combination to add a little shade of gray to your smartphone. The theme uses flight light icons to suit the black and white background.

How to get this theme?

Wallpaper: Wallrox (BW 32: Black and White)

Icons: Flight Light

Nova Settings: Dock Background – Grey(transparency 56%); Folder Preview – stack, Background- Circle; App & Widgets Drawer Background- Black, Text- White. The theme looks good with big-icon size, but that comes at a cost, you have to be a premium user of Nova Launcher.

Earthview Nova Launcher Theme

The theme will make your phone look like a gadget from a sci-fi film. The wallpaper gives you a satellite image of earth and we have combined the image with polygon icons.

How to get this theme?

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Earthview 18 by Martin)

Icons: Polycon

Nova Settings: For this theme set your Icon Text color to Blue; Dock Design- Arc, Color- Orange (Transparency 59%); Desktop Icon Layout- Yellow

Android Nougat Nova Launcher Theme

If you want nougat theme for your smartphone, then this theme is for you. The theme suits best to the user who wants Nougat feel on their non-nougat smartphones.

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Android Nougat N2)

Icons: Moonshine

Nova Settings: Set Icon Colors to Yellow; Folder preview to Disc.

Vibrant Color Nova Launcher Theme

If you are looking for a vibrant theme for your smartphone then, you should check out this option for the Nova Launcher. What we have done here is used the Low poly background merge with icons of Pixel Icon.

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Low Poly 4)

Icons: Pixel Icon

Nova Settings: Set your Dock Background- Pink, Shape- Rounded (Transparency-59%), Search Bar- Square(full-screen).

Honeycomb Nova Launcher Theme

The honeycomb design, if applied to well, gives a very premium and elite look so, let’s bring that feel to the smartphone.

How to get this theme?

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Honeycomb)

Icons: Polycon

Nova Settings: Dock Shape- Arc/Rectangle, Background- Blue(Transparency 56%); Folders-Stack; Search Bar Style- 5th option from the top; Apps & Widget Drawer Background- Blue.

Superhero Nova Launcher Theme

A big superhero fan, then surely this theme will suit you. The Bat wallpaper applied with suitable icons gives a very “comic” feel to your smartphone.

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Batman 3: Superheroes)

Icons: Min

Nova Settings:  Dock Background- Grey (Transparency nil); Folder Preview- Fan; App & Widget Drawer Background- Grey.

Lines Theme

Bored of one colored theme, you can try this line theme. The theme is for those who want some design on their screen but still, want it to look clean and simple.

How to get this theme?

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Lines 17- All in One)

Icon: Pixel Icon

Nova Settings: Try these Icon Color- Black; Dock – Round Bar (Transparency 67%)

Metallic Nova Launcher Theme

Metallic colors always look good, so we decided to use it on the smartphone. We experimented with this Matexial 2 wallpaper combined with Moonshine icons to get the desired results.

How to get this theme?

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Matexial 2)

Icons: Moonshine

Nova Settings: Folder Preview-Stack, Background- Disc; Desktop Scroll Effect-cube.

Crystal Nova Launcher Theme

This crystal theme looks good on the Nova Launcher. We have mixed the wallpaper with Rondo icons and made the app and widget drawer background a little transparent.

How to get this theme?

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Crystal 7)

Icons: Rondo

Nova Settings: Dock- Arc(Transparency- 84%); Folder Preview- Fan, Folder Background- Disc.

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