Xiaomi latest offering in India is the budget smartphone Redmi 5, and as expected, it has been selling like hot cakes. A couple of the key highlights of the phone include its full view display and powerful hardware. The Redmi 5 runs on a highly customized MIUI 9.2 Skin which is based on Android Nougat. The Redmi 5 software is packed with features and it is likely that you are yet to explore most of them. So, if you have already bought one, let’s walk you through all the Redmi 5 hidden features, tips, and tricks.

1. Move multiple App

Like to keep home screen for your Redmi 5 organized? Well, you can do it with much more ease with this MIUI hidden feature that lets you select and move multiple apps in one go. All you have to do is long press recent apps button>> select multiple apps >> now tap and drag any one selected app and all selected apps will move along. Now drop them in any folder or on the next screen, decision is yours.

2. Launch Camera with Gesture or button

If you love capturing impromptu images on the go, then you already know that launching camera on time is your biggest challenge. Xiaomi adds an option to create a camera launch shortcut. All you have to do is go Settings>>Button and gestures shortcut >> launch camera. Now select an option from predefined combination by tapping on it.

3. Block Spam Calls

Tired of answering unwanted spam calls from credit card and insurance companies? Or your ex is perhaps bothering you with late night calls. The easiest solution for this problem is adding the number to the blacklist. To do so all you have to go to the phone app>>tap and hold on the concerned number till a menu from the bottom will pop up>> Now select block option and then confirm it. Viola, now you won’t hear from that blocked number.

4. Remove number from blacklist

Somehow by mistake added a wrong number to the blacklist? Worry not, there is an easy way to unblock that number. All you have to do is do to phone app and tap on the hamburger menu option and select blacklist option. Locate blocked number by toggling between SMS and Calls to remove it from there.

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5. Automatic Call recording

Automatic call recording has been there in the MIUI skin for some time now but not many users are aware of it. Instead of downloading Automatic call recording app from play store you can turn on this MIUI hidden feature to record all incoming and outgoing calls. All you have to do is open dialler app>> hamburger menu >> select settings >> call recording>> turn on Record Calls automatically.

6. Turn on RAM status

If you have been using Xiaomi phone you must be habitual of seeing available RAM status each time when you hit recent apps button. In recent times, Xiaomi has turned this feature off by default and now you have to turn it on manually. To do so, you have to long press the recent apps button>> then go to settings >> more >> turn on show memory status option.

7. Flash When Ringing

This is a useful hidden feature for those who live in places where power cuts are frequent. Flash light notifications will allow you to locate your phone when its rings in the dark. To turn it on, once again open dialer app >>settings >> incoming call settings >> turn on flash when ringing.

8. Quick Ball

 Have small palm and find it difficult to use 5.7-large Redmi 5 with a single hand? Turn on Quick ball feature buried inside the settings and which will make it easy to operate with one hand.  You can turn it on by simply going to Settings -> Additional settings -> Quick ball, and enable the toggle next to “Turn on Quick ball”.

9. Face Unlock

Face Unlock has been present in the Android for some time now but before iPhone X came up with Face ID no one paid any heed to it. Nonetheless, it is a useful feature and Xiaomi has also introduced in its Redmi 5, Redmi Note 5, and Redmi Note 5 Pro.

To activate Face Unlock go to Settings -> Lock screen & password> Add Face Data. Now that your face is registered, you will be able to use it for unlocking your phone.

10. Switch Navigation buttons

One thing which bothers me the most while switching from one brand to another is order of navigation buttons. Some phones come with a back button on the right while some have it on the left.

Xiaomi found a way to give you what you want. It lets you switch recent app and back button on its phones. To switch navigation buttons on the Redmi 5 you have to go to ‘Settings’>>Additional Settings>> Button and Gesture controll>>Mirror Buttons.

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  1. Muze update Kiya hua camera nhi chahiye to Mai kya Karu jo muze mera original camera mil sake… please…

  2. Thanks for a very helpful article on the red I 5 phone. One thing that I don’t seem able to activate is wifi calling. Can you tell me how to activate this or is it not available on this phone? Many thanks Barry


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