The Redmi Note 7 Pro (review) is perhaps the hottest Xiaomi phone of 2019. The new Note packs unprecedented value for its price and adheres to the latest smartphone trends. And all that awesome hardware is backed by Xiaomi’s MIUI 10 software (based on Android Pie).

So, if you are among the fortunate few who have already managed to buy one or if you plan to, here are a few Redmi Note 7 Pro tips and tricks you could use.

Best MIUI 10 Features to try on Redmi Note 7 Pro 

1. Remove Ads from Redmi Note 7 Pro

One of the major peeve points of Xiaomi’s software in India are ads sprinkled across the interface. Well, the good news is that you can disable almost all of them.

Remove ads from Guides (home screen) – To remove ads from the guide that appears on the left pane of the home screen, scroll down to ‘Customize’ option at the bottom, and turn off recommendations.

Remove ads after apps install – By default, MIUI scans all apps you download from play store. This security scan page, however, is laden with ads and can be a big problem if your kids operate your phone too. To remove them, just disable security scan from Settings >> Security.

Turn off Lockscreen wallpaper stories: You can also turn off images and other content that’s pushed to the lock screen by default.

Turn off ads from other apps: You can also disable ads from other third-party apps that push Google Ads. To do so, go to Settings>> Google>> Ads and toggle on the “Opt out of Ads personalization” option.

Turn off ads within Xiaomi apps: If you use other Xiaomi pre-installed apps like Mi Music and Video Players, you can turn off ads individually from the app settings (this can be done for most apps).

2. Customize Display

The Xiaomi Note 7 Pro has a sharp full HD screen and MIUI 10 offers ample customization options to fine-tune display colors. By default, the whites are a bit cold and you can fix this by switching to Warm tones ( under Settings>>Display>>colors and contrast).

Warmer tones are lighter on eyes and should serve you better in the long run. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro also has a reading mode that can automatically trigger in select apps.

3. Manage Notch and Status Bar

Thanks to the notch-trend, the usable status bar area on our phones has been cut down. The Note 7 Pro opts for arguably the least intrusive U-shaped or ‘Dot notch’ but you might want to head to ‘Notifications and Status bar’ under settings to make the most of available space.

From here, you can turn on the option to show app icons (for apps that have active high priority notifications) in the left half of the status bar. You can also choose to show carrier speed.

4. Configure the Power button as Google Assistant button

On the Redmi Note 7 Pro, you can map long press action on the power button to Google Assistant. This can be really handy for people who often use Google assistant
(If you don’t, you should give it a try. It’s really good).

To enable the option, go to Settings >> Additional Settings>> Buttons and Gestures. Now scroll down to the last option as shown in the image above and enable it.

5. Dual Apps and Dual Space

One of the high points of MIUI is that it lets you use apps with two separate accounts and this works for all apps. To split apps into two, go to settings and scroll down to “Dual Apps”.

And if you are looking for a bit more segregation and privacy, you can activate the ‘Second Space’ (Settings >> Second Space) and may even secure it with a separate fingerprint. This duplicates a separate hidden phone within your phone that you can pass on to people you’d mind looking into your personal stuff.

6. Redmi Note 7 Pro Camera Tricks

The primary attraction of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro is its camera. The portrait mode, HDR Mode, and the very interesting Night mode are all there on the viewfinder, but a few interesting options are hidden in camera settings.

In the “Photo Mode,” you can tap on the hamburger menu icon on the top right corner and switch to shooting 48MP full resolution shots (Although, you need not. 12MP shots are better). You can also access the Google lens from the same menu.


Under camera settings, you will notice options to configure Fingerprint sensor as camera shutter (which is very convenient for shooting selfies), to turn off camera sounds, to remove the Note 7 Pro watermark and more.

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7. Navigation Gestures

On the Redmi Note 7 Pro, you can replace navigation buttons with gestures for a more immersive experience, but the option isn’t listed under “Gestures and buttons”.

For navigation gestures, go to Settings and scroll down to “Full-screen display”. The navigation gestures in MIUI are one of the best that we have come across. You won’t lose the option to swipe up and access Google assistant either.

8. Gesture Shortcuts

Speaking of gestures, there are several handy ones you’d find under the same menu (Settings>>Additional Settings>> Buttons and Gestures.

For instance, We find the option to launch split screen apps using long press action on ‘Menu’ or ‘Recent apps’ button to be particularly useful. You may customize whatever works for you.

9. One hand mode

With our phones getting taller, the One hand mode is increasingly becoming a staple android feature. Thankfully, the Redmi Note 7 Pro has a great one you could use to conveniently use your phone with just one hand (Settings>>Additional Settings).

You can decide between three sizes you wish the screen to shrink to, and also turn on gestures to quickly switch to one hand mode.

10. Use Quick Ball as Edge Launcher for Apps

The MIUI 10 also has the option to add a floating bar that you can place anywhere on the screen to access navigation and other shortcuts (Settings>> Additional Settings>> Quick ball).

The Quick Ball is very customizable, sticks to the side edge when inactive and you can also opt to hide it automatically within specific apps.

If you don’t need Quick ball for navigation, you may also use it as an edge launcher and assign all shortcuts to your frequently used apps.

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11. Change Default Apps

If you made a wrong choice when prompted initially, and want to set different default app on your Note 7 Pro, just go to Settings>> Installed Apps and hit the triple dot menu on the top right corner.

From here you can access the list of default apps for your phone and modify them.

12. Raise to wake and Face Unlock

Apart from a blazing fast fingerprint reader, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro also has face unlock that you can configure from Settings>> lock screen and passwords.

For faster unlocking, you may also turn on ‘Raise to Wake’ option under Settings>>Display. This way, the face lock will get into action as soon as you pick your phone.

12 Best Redmi Note 7 Pro Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks

These are some of the interesting things that you can try on Redmi Note 7 Pro and other Xiaomi phones running Android Pie based MIUI 10, including the lower end Redmi Note 7. The MIUI 10 interface curates an interesting set of useful features without being overwhelming.


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