Brazilian Doctor Uses Apple Vision Pro As A Monitor For A Rotator Cuff Surgery

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During a shoulder arthroscopy surgery for a torn rotator cuff, a Brazilian doctor used Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset. Reports about Apple products providing useful medical insights or fall detection features keep swirling on the internet.

However, this one is a bit different, as it involves a doctor operating on a patient while wearing a headset. Let’s find out more about this interesting incident and the tech behind it.

The Doctor Used Vision Pro As A Medical Monitor

Brazilian doctor uses Vision Pro for a surgery
via @ombroecotovelo on YouTube

Although this is not the first time a surgeon has used an Apple Vision Pro, there’s a lot to go on. Bruno Gobbato, an orthopedic doctor at Jaraguá Hospital in Brazil, used the mixed-reality headset to replace a medical monitor. 

During a shoulder arthroscopy, surgeons insert a tiny camera inside the shoulder joint and perform the surgery while looking at the video feed on a monitor. Well, instead of using a regular monitor that’s often small (making it challenging to observe minute details), the doctor used Vision Pro. 

The Doctor Praises Vision Pro’s Micro-OLED Display With 4K Resolution 

With the headset, the surgeon could ” see the image on the size of a movie screen with high resolution.” The Vision Pro uses micro-OLED displays (one for each eye) with a resolution of 3660 x 3200 pixels (just under 4K). 

Further, the headset allows users to adjust the size of virtual windows easily. Hence, with high color accuracy and resolution, the doctor could view the joint camera’s visuals on a large virtual screen in the headset. 

Vision Pro Offers Superior Dynamic Range

The Brazilian doctor also praises the overall dynamic range of the Vision Pro’s cameras. He explains how using headsets with poor dynamic range is difficult due to the bright lights in surgery rooms. It is important to mention that Gobbato has also tried Microsoft’s HoloLens for surgery.

The doctor has also shared a video on YouTube showing how he can simultaneously view the X-rays, his notes, and the live camera feed while wearing the Apple Vision Pro. However, we advise viewers to watch the video at their own risk, as it contains visuals from the camera inside the shoulder joint (which might be disturbing for some people).

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