Sony Reon Pocket 5: The Perfect Portable Air Conditioner For India (But When?)

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Sony Thermo Technology recently launched one of the most unique yet effective devices that could be ideal for the hot summer months in India. It’s a portable air conditioner that’s worn on the back of the neck. Controlled with a smartphone (or the smart tag provided in the box), the Reon Pocket 5 cools or warms “the body surface directly at the body contact area.” 

How Is That Even Possible? A Portable Air Conditioner?

Sony Reon 5 portable air conditioner

The Reon Pocket 5 is not as much a portable air conditioner as a wearable climate control system. If you haven’t heard of this term, you’re not alone. The portable air conditioner, as several headlines call it, is essentially a thermo-electric module that can change its temperature. 

The electric module inside such devices can either absorb or release heat, depending on the current direction. This, in turn, generates the cooling or heating effect. Such devices often have multiple temperature sensors to detect the temperature of users’ skin and adjust the experience accordingly. 

How Does The Sony Reon Pocket 5 Function?

Sony Reon 5 portable air conditioner: how does it

The Reon Pocket 5 features a thermo-electric module that functions the same way as explained above. It comes with five sensors: one for detecting motion, one for estimating humidity levels, and three dedicated sensors for measuring temperature. The thermo-module and the sensors work together to maintain a pleasant temperature at the back of your neck.

According to Sony, the gadget comes with five cooling and four warmth modes. As a result, it could be just as useful in the hot months of May or June as in the freezing months of December and January. Users can either pair the device with the Reon Pocket Tag, which helps measure the environment’s temperature or use it manually with the Reon Pocket App.

The device sits at the back of the user’s neck. Leveraging the area’s significance in regulating body temperature, the Reon Pocket 5 either cools it down or warms it up, which, in turn, has an indirect effect on the entire body. In our understanding, thermo modules usually have a localized effect, but wearing it at the back of the neck might help regulate the body’s temperature. 

Sony Reon Pocket 5: Features And Improvements

Sony Reon Pocket 5: The Perfect Portable Air Conditioner For India (But When?)

The Reon Pocket 5 is the fifth iteration of a product that first came out in 2019. It features 1.5 times higher cooling performance than its predecessor and can run up to 1.8 times longer on cooling level 4. Yes, the device generates some noise; Sony claims it has reduced operating sound by up to one-fifth. 

The Reon Pocket Tag has also been improved with the latest software that detects direct sunlight and adjusts 33 percent faster to the preset temperature (compared to the previous version). The Tag has three temperature sensors, which help the software determine the most appropriate setting.

Sony Reon Pocket 5: Price And Availability

The Sony Reon Pocket 5 is available to pre-order in the United Kingdom for EUR 139. It will begin shipping from May 15, 2024. 

The fifth-generation model will be available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom. Originally, the device was available in Japan and Hong Kong.

However, Sony has no plans, at least for now, to launch the device in India. A big reason could be the device’s efficiency at temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, which is very common in India’s summers. Nonetheless, we believe the product could find a decent market in the subcontinent.

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