Best Portable Air Conditioners (AC) in India 2024

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Portable Air Conditioners are an excellent option for those needing an AC to cool down their home/office space without the hassle of installing an AC unit. Portable ACs are compact, lightweight, and movable air conditioners that can chill anywhere without installation. These energy-saving appliances are easy to maintain and mainly operate at low noise levels. Portable air conditioners are still limited in India, so their prices are higher than those of window and split ACs. Also, the options available are pretty limited.

While we have already discussed the best-split air conditioners, portable ACs are next. In this article, we will discuss the Best Portable ACs Available in India right now.

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Best Portable Air Conditioners Available in India

1. Voltas 241 CNMM 2-Ton Slimline Portable AC

  • Price-Rs. 72,999
  • Available on-Amazon

Voltas 241 2-Ton Slimline Portable AC features a stylish design, compact size, and aesthetic look to complement your space. It uses a blower design for low-noise operation and can be controlled using an LED panel or handset. It is suitable for a 180-square-foot room and uses R22 refrigerant. Voltas offers a one-year warranty on AC and five five-year warranties on copper compressors. The portable AC also comes with a single-star rating for saving energy.

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2. Blue Star 2-0 Ton 1-Star Verticool Potable AC

  • Price-Rs. 73,909
  • Available on-Amazon

Blue Star 2.0 Ton Verticool Portable AC has a copper condenser coil and a 2-ton capacity for rooms up to 250 square feet. It comes with a 1-star energy rating, a dust filter, and a 43dB low-noise operation. Blue Star offers a 1-year warranty on the product, which is equipped with an active carbon and dust filter. It takes a 3320W power input and is available in a White shade.

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3. Lloyd 2-Ton System Tower Portable AC

  • Price-Rs. 70,900
  • Available on-Amazon

Lloyd 2-Ton System Tower Portable AC is a split air conditioner with a copper condenser coil and a 1-star energy-saving rating. The AC can be moved anywhere around the house or office and features noise suppression tech. It has a blower design, vibration attenuation of refrigerant piping, and insulation for low operating sound levels. The AC uses R32 refrigerant and comes with an antibacterial filter. There is a smart four-way swing, self-diagnosis, auto protection in case of abnormal operation, and a 1-year warranty by the brand.

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4. Blue Star 1 Ton Fixed Speed Portable AC

  • Price-Rs. 36,760
  • Available on-Amazon

Blue Star 1 Ton Fixed Speed Portable AC is suitable for cooling small rooms only. It is easy to set up on your own, as no permanent installation is needed. It can be moved to any room and consumes less energy. It is noisier than other ACs, as all components are located in one unit.

The water tank will have to be emptied frequently, and it needs a window for the exhaust hose. The AC offers quick cooling and uses R4 10A refrigerant. The auto mode allows you to enjoy a comfortable sleeping ambiance, and the AC has castor wheels for easy movement. The appliance has remote control operation and is capable of self-diagnosis if there is any fault.

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5. Lloyd 1-Ton Portable AC

  • Price-Rs. 39,800
  • Available on-Amazon

Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC is elegantly designed to not only cool but also enhance the aesthetics of room interiors and provide 360-degree movement, convenience, and comfort. It has a top air throw with two swing features and new-age filters for fresher air. The AC comes with Blue Fin Eva Coils and uses R-4 10A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly. It can self-diagnose in case of fault and uses inner grooved copper tubes for durability. There is an LED display that indicates operation status vividly. The AC doesn’t need installation.

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6. Voltas 3-Ton Portable AC Tower

  • Price- Rs. 98,900
  • Available on-Amazon

Voltas 3-Ton Portable AC Tower has a unique wide-angle air-throw design that provides powerful cooling to cool large rooms. It has a sleek and tall design that helps it fit in small spaces. It enhances your interior as it is aesthetically pleasing. With its 3-ton capacity, it is suitable for room sizes up to 130 square feet. The AC features a copper condenser coil and is 5-star rated for energy savings. It has an antibacterial coating, 46dB noise level, and R22 Refrigerant gas.

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