Top 10 AC Brands in India: Best ACs from Top brands to buy in 2024

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Are we feeling the heat rising? It’s that time of year when we all yearn for a cool oasis in our homes. With so many AC brands, choosing the right one can feel like a task. But worry not—we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of India’s top 10 AC brands that offer reliable cooling solutions for your needs.

Heads-up: The brands we have discussed below offer various options, so there’s something for everyone. But hey, not every AC from a brand is a winner, so keep that in mind when buying an AC. Also, the order of the list doesn’t mean anything.

1. Voltas

A Tata enterprise, Voltas is well-known for its efficient and reliable air conditioners. For more than 60 years, Voltas has been associated with innovation and dependability. Customers love their air conditioners for their durability and efficient cooling. Voltas offers a variety of options to meet varied demands and budgets, including split and window air conditioners.

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2. LG

LG, a South Korean multinational, is another popular choice among Indian consumers. The brand is known for its innovative AC technologies and customer-centric approach. It offers a wide range of air conditioners for both residential and commercial needs. In fact, LG was among the first brands to cater to residential needs.

LG conditioners are known for their energy efficiency, advanced/innovative features, and reliable performance. 

The advanced features include a dual inverter compressor for energy efficiency, smart diagnosis for easy troubleshooting, and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote operation. While these features may not be available on LG ACs, they will surely be on its mid-range and high-end ACs.

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3. Daikin

Daikin, a well-known Japanese company, is famous for making top-notch air conditioners. People love Daikin ACs because they cool like a breeze, save energy, and last long. 

What sets them apart are features like the Coanda airflow, which spreads cool air evenly, inverter technology that keeps the temperature just right, and advanced filters that ensure fresher air—no wonder Daikin ACs are a favorite among those who want reliable and efficient cooling.

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4. Blue Star

If you live in India, you must have seen a Blue Star somewhere in your neighborhood. Blue Star is a popular choice for home cooling appliances, including ACs. 

Blue Star is generally known for its durable and high-performance ACs. It offers a range of ACs with features like dual rotary compressors for energy efficiency, anti-bacterial filters for clean air, and precision cooling technology for enhanced comfort. 

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5. Samsung

A list of the AC brands, but we don’t mention Samsung? Not possible. Samsung is a leading electronics brand known for its innovative products, including air conditioners. Samsung ACs are equipped with features like digital inverter technology for energy efficiency, fast cooling mode for quick comfort, and intelligent installation features for ease of use.

Samsung is a multinational company and a pioneer in the latest technology. Samsung has also integrated AI into its ACs. While other brands like LG and Panasonic have also done so, Samsung’s approach focuses on giving you the best cooling while minimizing energy consumption. Samsung’s after-sales service is well-known and in a good way.

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6. Hitachi

If you’ve ever admired an air conditioner’s efficiency, chances are it was a Hitachi. This Japanese multinational is synonymous with advanced technology and reliable cooling solutions. The brand’s extensive selection of air conditioners allows it to meet the demands and tastes of various consumers. 

Among the many advantages of Hitachi air conditioners are inverter technology for accurate temperature regulation, tropical inverter technology for effective cooling in hot weather, and environmentally friendly refrigerants for the long-term sustainability of your house and the environment.

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7. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is another name you can trust when it comes to home appliances. Their air conditioners are no exception, offering efficient cooling, advanced features, and a durable build.

Whirlpool is an American multinational company whose ACs are designed to provide superior cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption. These ACs include 6th sense fast cool technology for quick cooling, turbo relaxed mode for instant comfort, and IntelliSense inverter technology for energy efficiency.

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8. Godrej

Let’s be honest. We’ve all heard of Godrej ACs at least once in our lives. Godrej is a trusted brand in India known for its reliable and efficient air conditioners. Godrej ACs come with features like green inverter technology for energy savings, anti-dust filters for clean air, and a multi-layered acoustic jacket for quiet operation.

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9. Panasonic

Panasonic has you covered if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient air conditioner. This Japanese multinational is known for its high-quality products and good customer support. Panasonic ACs have features like inverter technology for energy efficiency, nanotechnology for clean and healthy air, MirAIe for smart controls, and sleep mode for enhanced comfort during sleep.

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10. Haier

When it comes to affordable and reliable air conditioners, Haier is a brand that stands out. This Chinese multinational offers a range of ACs that are designed to provide efficient cooling at an affordable price.

Haier ACs have features like self-cleaning technology for easy maintenance, turbo cooling mode for quick comfort, 7-in-1 convertible technology, and inverter technology for energy efficiency. Unfortunately, the after-sales service of Haier is not something to ride home about; hence, it’s the last one in our recommendation list.

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A few honorable mentions: realme TechLife, Amazon Basics, Sharp, HiSense, and Croma.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a hint at some of the best AC brands in India that are eager to make you their next customer. At the end of the day, the brand you choose matters only a little; the AC that you pick is of the utmost importance. Ensure that the AC you pick meets your needs and requirements, including cooling needs and energy savings. 

Let us know in the comments below if you have any further questions. Also, check out the AC section at, where you can compare and shop ACs and set prices and deal alerts.


Are there any specific features I should look for when choosing an AC?

Consider features like energy efficiency ratings, inverter technology, cooling capacity, and additional features such as smart connectivity and air purification.

How can I compare AC models from different brands to make an informed decision?

You can compare AC models based on their features, energy efficiency ratings, cooling capacity, customer reviews, and prices. Check out, which offers tools for easy comparison and shopping.

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