LG seems to be taking a proactive approach in 2021. Months before the onset of summers, the company has announced its 2021 line of air-conditioners’ new health and hygiene features. The DUALCOOL Inverter air conditioners come with UV Nano Sterilization, HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection.

These new LG Split AC’s will be made available in various capacities & Star rating. The LG DUAL COOL Inverter air conditioners start from INR 39,990 and go all the way up to INR 73,990.

LG DUALCOOL Inverter air conditioners 2021 features

Post covid pandemic, LG is betting big on health & hygiene. After introducing UV Nano sterilization in TONE FREE FN7 TWS, LG is bringing it to air conditioners. The 2021 line-up comes with features such as UV Nano Sterilization, HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection, Dedicated Air Purification ACs, and voice controls operations. LG is offering these new AC with up to 5-star BEE rating for energy efficiency.

How does the UV Nano Sterilization work?

LG new Air Conditions features UV Rays emitting LEDs placed underneath the fan or blower which sterilizes the air of microorganisms by rupturing their DNA and producing clean air, also making it impossible for them to generate and multiply.

These new air conditioners claim to come with superior technology that will cool even when the temperature outside rises to 52 degrees Celcius. These power-efficient ACs reduce electricity consumption from 100% to 80% to 60% or 40% and increases the cooling capacity to 110% when faster cooling is required. LG is offering these ACs in floral and wave pattern design.

LG 2021 Hot & Cold Air Conditioners

As demands for hot and cold ACs is surging, LG has come up with three new models of such Air Conditioners. These Hot & Cold ACs claims to be a better alternative to Oil Heaters. If the company’s words are anything to go by, these Hot & Cold ACs offer air-purification by PM 1.0 Sensor & Display, Ion Diffuser & Filtration system comprises Micro Dust Filter and Anti Allergic Filters.

Just like the 2020 line-up, LG continues to offer Cooper Ocean Black Fins in its Air-conditions to offer better protection against humidity, dust, sand, smoke and ensure superior performance compared to conventional fins. These new ACs come with wifi connectivity and LG Smart ThinQ app support. LG is offering 10-years warranty on the compressor and 5 years warranty on PCB for select models.


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