15 Best Vivo V9 Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks That You Must Try

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Vivo V9 is surely a good looking phone with quite a few things working for it. If you have already bought it, you must be dabbling through its feature rich software (Funtouch OS 4.0) which is also based on Android 8.1 Oreo. And because of the sheer list of features on board, the interface could get a tad overwhelming.

So, let’s jot down the most interesting Vivo V9 hidden features and tricks and assist you with discovering your new phone. Here is all that you need to know.

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1. Turn on Navigation gestures

To make full use of the edge-to-edge screen on the Vivo V9, you also have the option to hide the navigation bar completely and rely on iPhone X like navigation gestures instead. A learning curve is involved here, but we got used to these gestures pretty quick.

To activate these, just go to Settings>>System Navigation and select Navigation gestures. You can also choose between the order and style of Navigation Gestures.

2. Change Media Volume Directly

If you press the Volume down key in Vivo V9, it will only give you the option to change Ringing volume. The volume control popup has no option to switch to Media playback volume control.

The volume rocker will automatically switch to controlling media volume when a media playback app is active. However, if you want to turn off Media volume before opening a video or audio player or to avoid some accidental video from blasting out loud while you are browsing on your phone in the quiet of the night, you can use the volume control slider in the control center. The volume control in the action center will let you control media playback volume directly.

3. Hide Notch on Vivo V9

Now, the opinions on Android phones flaunting a notch are heavily polarized. Some view it as a must-have trend while others consider it an anomaly.

If you detest the notch in Vivo V9, you can turn it off using the Nacho Notch app. We have detailed the process in a separate article as well.

4. Show battery percentage on Vivo V9

The notch on the Vivo V9 reduces the effective space for the status bar, but you can still fit battery percentage indicator.To enable it, just go to Settings>> Status bar and notifications>> toggle battery percentage on.

5. Flashlight Notifications

With Vivo V9, you can also get flashlight notifications without using any third party app. These often come in handy when your phone is in silent mode since flashlight notifications are quite hard to miss, especially in dark ambiance. You can access this feature from Settings>> More settings>> Flashlight Notifications.

6. Inbuilt Truecaller alternative

The Vivo V9 also has an inbuilt Truecaller alternative that can recognize incoming Spam calls. This is still in nascent stages and it will still take some time before it’s as effective as Truecaller, but if you detest Truecaller (the app can drain resources rather aggressively), Vivo alternative is worth a shot. Goto Settings>>Phone>> Online recognition of unknown numbers to give it a try.

7. Blur specific Apps in ‘Recent Apps’

The recent apps screen shows mini previews of the apps you recently used. Now, this could be a risk to your privacy. We often scroll through recent apps with friends or other people watching over our shoulders and thus its wise to protect sensitive information.

Go to Settings>>More Settings>> Recent apps to choose apps that you wish to be blurred in the recent apps pane.

8. Change Fonts

You can also change text fonts on Funtouch OS 4.0. To do so, go to Settings>> Display and Brightness. Here you will find the option to change font style and font size. By default, there are two font styles on the phone but you can download many more.

9. Add Recycle Bin for Gallery

The Vivo V9 lets you add a recycle bin to your Gallery or Albums. You can decide the period of time for which the image will be retained even after you have deleted them (1-days, 7-days, or 30-days).

To enable the feature, go to Settings>>Albums and toggle on Recently Deleted option.

10. Multitasking Tricks

The Vivo V9 has quite a few features that come in handy for Multitasking. Go to Settings>> Smart Split to access multitasking features in one place

  • Just swipe down with three fingers to split screen: If you are using Youtube and swipe three fingers down, the screen will split in two halves and you can open another app in the bottom half.
  • In-message split screen: The phone pushes a floating bubble for messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messages, WhatsApp, etc. when you are using other apps. You can simply tap on the icon to split screen in two and to chat without leaving the original app. This only works in select few apps including YouTube, VLC, and default video player.
  • Picture-in-picture mode: Since the base software is Android 8.1 Oreo, you also get picture-in-picture mode for all supported apps. For instance, when you are watching media on Netflix, you can simply tap on the home button to get the media playing in a floating window. This also works for Maps navigation, Google Chrome, and other apps.

11. Vivo V9 camera tricks

Quick launch camera: Go to Settings>> Smart Click>> select Open Camera. Now, you can long press the volume down key to fire camera app even from the lock screen.

Enable beautify mode in video calling for third party apps: The Vivo V9 is still a phone designed to be favored by selfie enthusiasts and thus comes with a decent beautify mode. You can also avail this while making video calls using third-party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Go to Settings>> More Settings>> and scroll down to ‘Face Beauty for Video calls’

12. Motorbike Mode

Vivo also borrows a couple of features from Samsung. The Motorbike mode works similar to SBike mode on affordable galaxy devices. Motorbike mode can be turned on from Quick Settings tiles in action center (or from Settings>>Motorbike Mode) and lets you decide what calls will get through to you while driving.

You get an option to reject all calls, allow calls from specific contacts or allow repeat calls to get through to you. This can be very useful for two-wheeler riders as their rides won’t be interrupted by spam calls.

13. Game Mode

The Game mode, when turned on, can avoid interruptions while gaming. There are options like auto answering calls in the background, block floating previews, Auto reject calls, and even a special picture-in-picture mode to access messaging apps in a floating window overlay (using triple finger swipe down gesture) without interrupting the game.

14. Easy touch

You can also add an iOS-like floating action menu to Vivo V9. This floating button is a replacement for all hardware and software buttons and related actions. You can take a screenshot, manage volume, navigate through the UI and more using the Easy Touch floating menu.

You can turn it on/off from quick settings and also from within phone settings. Go to Settings>More Settings>Easy Touch.

15. Launcher Settings – home screen and Lock Screen

These launcher settings can conventionally be accessed by long pressing on the home screen on most Android phones. In Vivo, these settings are buried deep in settings.

Go to Settings>> Lock screen, home screen, and wallpapers. From here, you can turn off the automatic wallpaper update to lock screen, change the theme, change home screen and lock screen style and manage wallpapers.

15 Vivo V9 (Funtouch OS 4.0) Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks

Apart from features that we have mentioned above, the Vivo V9 also includes several other options that we are used to seeing on Vivo Phones by now. These include extensive gesture support clubbed under Smart Motions, One Hand mode, App Clone, Fingerprint sensor gestures, Notification overhead previews, and more that you can access from the Settings menu or Global search (Swide down on home screen).

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thanks alot of information

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Pls why do my vivo phone app restart all over again if I minimize it

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I have a problem with my vivo v9, when im playing games or any app, the corners and sides have a slow response to touch and hold. help pls

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How to edit video using VIVI V9?

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I have a vivo V9, I deleted pictures and videos from file manager (copy from device to SD card) and cut the pics from the phone. Can I still recover those photos and/or videos I just cutted? thanks Merry Christmas. Replies are really appreciated. Please. Thank you

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this phone support multitouch or not

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how to set option – picture save to gallery in Vivo 9

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Hi There, I really needed soe help regarding loop of homescreen wallpapers.. I have tried looking up the internet and it only showed results for loop screen for lock screen. Lock Screen is not what I am looking for, my concern is for once I remember even the Home Screen Wallpapers used to loop automatically along with the lock screen. Can you tell me if I am right or that feature never existed and my brain is creating a false memory. If it existed, can you please tell me how to get it back. Thanks and Regards Sohaib


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