Vivo has radically changed its smartphone strategy in India this year. After establishing itself as the pioneer of innovation with phones like Vivo Nex and Vivo X21, the global smartphone brand has been regularly churning out aggressive mid-range phones that make it a formidable challenger to both online and offline players.

The recently launched Vivo V9 Pro offers a lot for its price, including Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 660 octa-core mobile platform, and is certainly one of the best phones available under Rs 20,000. In case you have already bought it or are planning to, here are a few Vivo V9 Pro software features that you must try.

1. Customize Navigation bar or switch to gestures

The Vivo V9 has a staggering 90-percent screen to body ratio and a very high-quality full HD screen to complement the immersive experience.

To make full use of the bezel-less screen, the Funtouch OS running on the phone has options to change navigation bar order, style, or to switch to navigation gestures altogether. To do so, go to Settings >> System Navigations. From here you can customize Navigation gestures and Navigation keys.

2. Shoot Awesome portraits

The Vivo V9 Pro camera is one of its key highlights. Apart from the 13MP rear primary camera, the phone also has a 2MP depth sensor that allows it to differentiate image subject from image background. The latter is then blurred for DSLR like shallow depth of field effect.

To shoot bokeh shots, just open the camera app and tap on the Portrait mode icon present in the top bar (as shown in the image). The option to shoot bokeh shots also works for selfies.

3. Inbuilt Caller ID

There are few popular caller-id apps with an effective database, but most of them are spammy and ridden with advertisements. Thankfully, Vivo V9 Pro has a built-in alternative that works well.


To activate the service, go to Settings>>Phone. Now tap on ‘Online recognition of strange numbers’ and turn on the option.  Once turned on, you will get prompts for incoming spam calls and can choose to ignore them.

4. Keep Sensitive Apps Private

Recent apps thumbnails can cache the app screen as you left it and reveal more than they should. On Vivo V9 Pro, you have the option to blur sensitive apps from the recent apps pane. This way, your private information will be protected from an acquaintance who’s gawking at your phone screen while you switch between apps.

To turn on the option, scroll down to ‘More Settings’ under the main settings menu and go to Recent Apps. Now, toggle on ‘Blur Display’ option and select apps which you wish to keep private.

5. Add recycle bin to the gallery

We’d all agree that a recycle bin is indispensable to PC experience. Isn’t this a feature, then, that all Android phones must have? Well, the Vivo V9 Pro does.

Go to Settings >> Albums and turn on the toggle next to ‘Recently Deleted’. You can also determine the number of days you wish to retain deleted images before they are removed from the trash.

6. Change Fonts

You can change font size and style according to your preferences in the Vivo V9 Pro. It’s surprising how so many phones are missing this elemental customization option that makes a system-wide noticeable difference and can personalize your entire smartphone experience.

You can access the option under ‘Display and Brightness’ tab in the main Settings menu. By default, there are two fonts preloaded on the phone but you can download many more.

7. Game Mode

The Vivo V9 is powered by Snapdragon 660 octa-core chipset paired with 6GB RAM. This essentially means that the phone is an absolute delight for hardcore gamers. To further embellish the gaming experience the phone also has a dedicated ‘Game mode’ that can be used to avoid interruptions during gaming.

When turned on, users get the option to turn off popups and floating previews, auto reject calls, and more. To turn on Gaming mode, go to Settings >>Jovi.

8. Motorbike Mode

For the safety of users who use two-wheelers, the Vivo V9 Pro integrates a Motorbike mode that can be activated or deactivated using quick setting tiles.

Using the Motorbike mode, you can avail features like auto-answer and auto-reject calls, allow only repeated calls or calls from particular contacts to get through, or even to auto-respond using SMS.

9. Easy Touch Floating Menu

For people who often use their phones with one hand, Easy Touch floating button on Vivo V9 can be a huge convenience.

Easy Touch is a floating button that you can summon or dismiss directly from the command center, and place anyplace on the screen that you can access while holding the phone in one hand. Now just tap on Easy Touch button to expand it and access options for which you’d otherwise have to stretch your fingers to the bottom or to the top of the screen.

10. Smart gestures

The Funtouch OS also has no dearth of smart gestures that you can program to quickly access frequently used apps and system settings.

Using Smart Wake, you can directly launch specific apps by drawing Alphabets from the lock screen. Or using Smart Click, you can assign an app or action to Volume down button.

11. Use Same App With Multiple Accounts

Using App clone feature in Vivo V9 Pro, you can duplicate apps like WhatsApp and Facebook and use them with separate accounts.

This way, you can segregate your private and professional life, or simply attend to multiple App accounts without using separate phones.

11 Vivo V9 Pro hidden features, tips and tricks

Apart from powerful hardware, Vivo V9 Pro has a very exciting software that makes day-to-day usage a very pleasant experience. The Funtouch OS 4.0 is feature rich, intuitive, and has all the basics covered.


  1. Once enabled, the screen automatically splits into two and you can continue doing what you were while messaging on the other half of the screen. All this does not happen automatically and you are given an alert in the form of a floating icon to enable this feature. Now, that s some brilliant thinking.


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