Whether you like it or not, the notch is now a mainstream Android Feature. All lesser and bigger Android OEMs, including established names like OnePlus, Huawei and LG, are rushing (and even reworking SKUs) to implement the notch.

However, the consumers, especially hardcore Android enthusiasts, don’t seem as enthusiastic about the change. And that’s understandable. Phones like Huawei’s P20 and P20 Pro even give users an option to turn the notch off from the software. This is done by camouflaging it in a black top strip. The same functionality is now available to all Android phones with a simple app.

We tried the process on our Vivo V9 and could successfully hide the notch without much effort.

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How to turn off the Notch on any Android Phone

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Download the Nacho Notch App from Play Store. The app won’t show in your app drawer or on your homepage. It will manifest as a quick settings tile option.

Step 2: Now go to Quick Setting and tap on the option to edit quick setting tiles.

drag the new hide notch tile into visible quick settings tile section

Step 3: You will find the Nacho Noch tile in the quick settings, drag it to visible tile section and you are done.

You can now simply turn the notch on and off on the fly using the quick settings tile. If you have a regular notch-less phone, you can use the app to have a persistent black status bar.

Is turning off the notch helpful?

The app works well and the process is quite hazel-free. However, turning off notch won’t increase the notification area or add more room for status bar icons. Also, you will get a persistent notification in the notification shade. But if you can’t stand the notch, this should be worth your while.



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