Asus Zenbo Coming to India?

Asus today surprised all those who were present at the Computex 2016 by introducing cute little Zenbo – a robot which walks, talks and is smart enough to help you with day to day life tasks. Asus chairmen Jonney Shih described Zenbo as a smart home manager who can be your security guard, hands-free assistant or can double up as family photographer.

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Asus Zenbo Vs Wall E

Asus Zenbo can recognize faces, roam around independently, offer spoken reminders, send emergency messages, play games with kids, read stories, make video calls using social media networks, stream movies and TV shows and search on the web. And it can also sing and dance.

Introducing Asus Zenbo – A Cute Little Home Robot:

To give a live demo, Jonney Shih called big-blue-eyed Zenbo on stage for an interaction. Zenbo was smart enough to point out the difference between him and Wall- E from Disney movie during his one on one time with Jonney.

Asus Zenbo Price in India

Zenbo during his time on the stage took a picture of Jonney Shih with attendees’ gathered at ComputeX, and answered questions with cute expressions. Asus hasn’t announced any official availability dates for home robot Zenbo. As of now Asus has priced Zenbo at USD $599 (approx. 42,000 INR).

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From the same platform, Asus Chairmen invited developer community to work with Asus on the Zenbo platform. It is promoting a Zenbo developer program, where it allow access to the bot’s SDK to help develop more apps which could prove incremental for robots growth.

Asus Zenbo Keynote from Computex 2016:


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