Update 09-10-2015: Putting all rumors to rest, Cyanogen Inc has come forward and stated that they are still very much invested in YU. The upcoming Yu Yutopia will be powered by Cyanogen OS.

Yu Yuphoria and Yureka will now be selling without the blessings of CynogenOS in India. There were rumors about the partnership gone sour, especially when Yu Yunique debuted without Cyanogen OS support, but then, we dismissed budget hardware as the reason for the omission.


The confirmation that Yuphoria and Yureka Plus both will be selling with stock Android ROM would be a big shock to fans and loyalist as it was very much the backbone of Yu experience. This should also further malign Cyanogen’s reputation.

The Android ROM maker earlier ditched OnePlus on the heels of its critical India launch, and now has reportedly split with Micromax when we know the company will debut its high end Yutopia very soon. Well, it won’t be just to get too harsh before the rift is officially acknowledged by either Yu or Cyanogen.


Meanwhile, Yu Yuphoria and Yureka Plus will resort to Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 4.4 KitKat (upgradeable) respectively. Post Cyanogen OS, Yuphoria will be selling for 6,499 INR, i.e. with a discount of 500 INR.


  1. BATTERY- 8/10
    The backup is decent, 6-7 hrs,
    The power saver mode in youphoria is the best that I have ever seen, on screen time is about 6 hrs AND THE QUICK CHARGING IS AWESOME.

    CAMERA- 7.5/10
    The primary camera overexposes the images and has a yellow/pink tint.

    The secondary camera is perfect for selfies and when compared to yureka, yuphoria has a wider angle of the lens .
    Group selfies are the best.

    LOOKS + DESIGN- 10/10
    Excellent, its even very light, the phone doesn’t feel cheap, the grip is good

    YES it does heat up a lot, especially on playing music and while out in the sun.
    The rear side heats up near the camera ring and the mettalic sides heat up a lot.

    One way of overcoming this issue is that after using a heavy app, you go to the settings and force stop the application.

    BRIGHTNESS- 8/10
    Sunlight legibility is nice on max brightness but the adaptive brightness doesn’t work well.
    Its better than yureka.

    DISPLAY- 8/10
    Nice viewing angles.
    More PPI than yureka (267 vs 294 )

    SCREEN TOUCH- 9/10
    One word :- AWESOME..Better than other phones in same range.

    Works fine for me, only some devices were faulty.

    UI- 10/10
    Cynogen Mode is the best and the most customizable.


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