There have been a few leaks that Xiaomi is in trials of launching a new mobile phone which might have a dedicated button to summon their new smart AI Voice assistant. Of course, this isn’t entirely surprising as several phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Google Pixel have resorted to this sort of dedicated button design to summon AI assistant.

It is still unclear though if there will be an option to disable the button or to assign a different action to it. A hardware button for assistant can certainly be a good thing if done right. Customers tend to face issues with accidental presses and it would be really great to see if Xiaomi adds a few options to customize it.

There are multiple references to the new Xiaomi button on Weibo, and if the newer ones are to be believed, the button won’t debut with Xiaomi’s upcoming full-view display and slider phone Mi Mix 3, but a certain Xiaomi Mi Lex, which we haven’t heard of before.

Xiaomi’s phone with the dedicated AI assistant button is expected to go official in October.

The Mi smart assistant has made its debut in Mi Mix2 in April 2018 and was made available only for the Chinese market. It is highly unlikely that the smart assistant will make way to the Indian markets anytime soon so it is safe to assume that the dedicated button is still quite far away for the Indian consumers.


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