Hey, Xiaomi fans! your wait is over. The popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer has announced its next big OS version upgrade, the MIUI 9, which comes loaded with several new features and performance enhancement. However initially, the new version of MIUI will only be available in China. The global rollout of new skin will be carried out at a later stage.

While MIUI 8 was a big design upgrade over MIUI 7, this year Xiaomi has primarily focused on under-the-hood background changes to make MIUI 9 more resource friendly and efficient. Here’s a complete guide to top MIUI 9 features:

1) Smart App Launcher

Now you will be able to launch an app depending upon the contents on your screen. For instance, if you are talking to a friend about going somewhere, it’ll offer to open the Maps app. Therefore, now you will have all relevant information at your fingertips with two simple steps. That’s not all, now you can reply to your messages directly from the message popups.

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2) Quicker Launch Time

Xiaomi has been trying to cut down app lunch time and finally, they claim substantial improvements. Xiaomi has achieved it with intelligent CPU acceleration and optimized thread scheduling. The bottom line is, your apps will open faster on MIUI 9 and you will also notice improvements in RAM management. Xiaomi has also optimized haptic feedback in its system.

3) Smart Assistant

Xiaomi has added a Universal search option to its MIUI 9 and has named it ‘Smart Assistant’. It has been added to the notification center and you can search anything and everything which is available on your phone directly from here. With this assistant, you can type keywords to search for photos, texts, contacts, music, etc instantly.

4) Split Screen


Xiaomi users for long have been complaining about missing split screen option. Even though Android added this feature in Nougat, Xiaomi chooses to ignore it. At last, Xiaomi has added split screen functionality to its MIUI 9 and now you will be able to allot screen space to two apps simultaneously.

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5) Image Search

MIUI 9 also borrows the Google Photos Image search feature. After this update, MIUI users will be able to search through their galleries by typing keywords like Selifes, people, location, expression, events, documents, colors or screenshots.

6) Dynamic Resource Allocation

To enhance the user experience, Xiaomi has added Dynamic Resource Allocation at the kernel level. With this feature, the system will allocate more system resources to the app in the foreground and will assign lower priority to actions in the background. This will ensure that your phone doesn’t stutter for inexplicable reasons even when you are using light apps or actions and will ensure better overall performance.

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