Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions Useful For Students

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You would know the power of the Internet these days, more so if you are a student. Fortunately, the Google Chrome keeps with itself some very useful extensions, that will help increase your productivity manifold, and at the same time, help you not become the ultimate procrastinator. (हिंदी में पढ़ें)

We have pooled the most useful of them here in a single article, so as to relieve you of the tiring practice to go scouring for them on the Internet.

Here’s our list of the best Google Chrome extensions you can use if you are a student:


What’s it for: To remove the ads, banners, widgets etc., that may take away your focus from the content


Readability helps get rid of all the useless content (read: ads, recommendations, widgets et al) present in a website, and presents to the reader only the article’s content, as well as the images, videos, and links attached to it. Pretty good to remove all the clutter, isn’t it?

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Office Online

What’s it for: To facilitate work from any place at any time

Apart from acting as a backup option for all your work-related data, this also helps in tuning you into Word, Excel etc. from anywhere and at any point of time.

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What’s it for: To enable the users to keep in mind important things regarding their education.


This one here is the perfect fit for those who have a hard time recollecting something they have just learned (yours truly included). With Memorize!, you can surf the Internet whilst simultaneously studying for that important test, as at a pre-scheduled time, your browsing will be halted and a question would be asked.

You can proceed only after you enter the right answer, and until you land on the right answer, one character from it would be displayed with each passing wrong try.

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Google Dictionary

What’s it for: To facilitate the development of the vocabulary and grip on the language of the users

google dictionary

A must for all those trying to grasp a good knowledge of the queen’s language, Google Dictionary enables the users to get the meaning of a word (on any web page) just by double clicking on it, which will lead to the definition of the word in a bubble above it.

They can then further click on it to get the knowledge of the word’s synonyms, sentence usage, origin etc.

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What’s it for: To enable improved, error-free writing, and also to point out errors in write-ups, if any

Grammarly will get activated as soon as you start your write-up, and work on the content side-by-side as you write. You will also get simultaneous notifications regarding the errors and possible remedies to them.

Although it is yet to be foolproof, it is a more than efficient option to iron out the creases.

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Nimbus Capture

What’s it for: To capture what you need, and store it for later

This will enable you to capture a screenshot or a snippet, and then give you the option it to store at your desired location or folder on your desktop. It does so, without the need of a third party app, making it largely clutter-free.

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Strict Workflow

What’s it for: To keep you from using a set of some specific ‘time wasting’ websites, and distracting yourself


Procrastination is a given when you’re studying. How not to fall into that trap?

Enter Strict Workflow. This extension works on a process that gives you zero access to those sites for a pre-decided amount of time, and then gives you some time off (again, pre-decided) to let off the steam before once again blocking then access to those sites.

You can select the working time, break time, as well as the sites you need to get blocked. And remember this extension would only stop the work-break cycle only if you disable it.

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Note Board 

What’s it for: To provide with an easy-to-use option to pin notes

You’ll always feel the need to make notes when you are studying, and that’s when this extension steps up, providing you with an adept option wherein you can write/post your notes.

You also get to add multiple boards, and a host of other features that include setting reminders, adding media files, drawing, cloud storage etc.

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Split Tabs

What’s it for: Quick opening and arrangement of multiple tabs, also to split screen between two tabs in some cases

Split Tabs facilitates multitasking by enabling quicker opening arrangement, navigation between multiple tabs in a window. Also, if you are a Mac OS X or Windows (7 and above) user, you can also perform the basic split-screen feature (between two tabs), by dragging both the tabs to the far left and right of the screen.

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What’s it for: Providing an option for you to listen to the web page, rather than/in addition to reading it

Constantly viewing the screen can prove to be strenuous to your eyes, causing great harm in the long run. What Announcify does here provides you with an option to listen to the web page, rather than reading it.

So if you are experiencing pain or uneasiness in your eyes due to prolonged exposure to the screen, you can use it to listen to the contents while you rest your eyes.

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Moving Education Onto Extensions

So, here were some Google Chrome extensions that would be very helpful to students when they are studying on the net. How did you like them? Let us know if you found something to suit your need.

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