Talking of the very trending Android apps, WhatsApp has been a real benchmark in the class of connecting and socializing with your family and friends over the internet. WhatsApp has captured the social market with such a fierce and rapid growth that no other app has ever done yet. And recently there was another incredible feature being topped up into this app. And this new feature was the voice calling feature via WhatsApp. WhatsApp had introduced with Voice Calling for Andorid lately but that was only available through an invitation sent by a contact of yours who has already been using the feature. No that WhatsApp has constantly been improving upon the new feature, things seem to go better.


As per the latest news, WhatsApp has developed a new Material Design for its user interface on Android platform. The new build is the Beta version v2.12.87 and it replaces many of the older Holo features of the app with the latest Material Design pattern adopted by Google. The calling screen which appears on WhatsApp calling feature has also been replaced by the elements that are based upon the Material Design technique.

The name of the caller has a bigger font size now and the screen background is now teal green instead of black when someone calls you over WhatsApp. Not just this, the chat background of WhatsApp has also been modified to a better looking and easy to use one. The image looks clearer and crisper with some clean space to experience on the screen and the icons on the extra menu have been replaced by text. On having a closer look, a few more UI changes can be observed which have overall made the UI a sight to the sore eyes and an easy to use interface.




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