Android has been the heartbeat of more than 85% of smartphones by the present day. And it brought about a revolution in the mobile industry, a revolution like never before. Talking about the most popular Android apps, WhatsApp has been a real trendsetter in the segment off socializing and connecting with your friends and family over the internet. WhatsApp has taken over the social market with such a rapid growth that no other app has done yet. And now there is another incredible feature being added to this app. And this new feature is the voice calling ability via WhatsApp.


WhatsApp for Android was introduced with Voice Calling lately but that was available only through an invite which was to be sent by a contact of yours who already had been using the feature. But yesterday w discovered that now this feature is available for all WhatsApp users who are running Android based smartphones. Now all the Android users can enjoy free calling via WhatsApp over the internet.

As of now, the voice call quality is not really impressive when used on 2G or 3G mobile network. Whereas over Wi-Fi, the calling is buttery and fluent. We can really hope that this issue would be resolved very soon in the near future. The setback of the news is that this feature is available for no other platform than Android. But it is soon expected to roll out for them as well.  WhatsApp is yet to launch WhatsApp voice calling officially. Since it is available for everyone, the announcement is expected soon.


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